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Quantum technologies

How to prepare your organisation for a quantum advantage now

Organisations must prepare for a quantum advantage as technological breakthroughs accelerate the timeline for quantum adoption

Quantum technologies promise exponential speed-up over today’s best supercomputers and will bring to market currently unavailable capabilities such as tap-proof communications and ultra-precise and fast measurements ­– collectively, a phenomenon commonly known as the “quantum advantage.”

By providing a fundamentally different way for businesses to solve problems, quantum technologies will give rise to greater efficiencies compared to current technologies, in areas such as risk management, cybersecurity, logistics, operations scheduling, lightweight materials or drug discovery, and climate change mitigation.

In the latest Capgemini Research Institute report, Quantum technologies: How to prepare your organisation for a quantum advantage now, we sought to answer these pressing questions:

  • Should businesses invest in quantum technologies now?
  • How can businesses integrate quantum into their digital transformation/innovation/R&D roadmap?
  • How can organisations identify potential quantum advantage?

We found that although quantum technologies have been around for a few decades, the technology is still in its infancy as far as commercial applications are concerned – much like the internet of the 1980s and computing soon after the invention of the transistor. However, that doesn’t mean mass adoption is decades away.

Far from it – recent breakthroughs in quantum technologies mean that mass adoption may occur within this decade. In fact, 23% of all surveyed organisations stated that they are either working with or are planning to work with quantum technologies, and 20% of organisations that have launched successful proofs of concept believe that quantum advantage is less than five years away.

For industries that can be disrupted by quantum, waiting for the technology to mature is not an option. Organisations must start discovering use cases, exploring solutions, forming partnerships, and assessing ways to bridge the skills gap now.

To learn more about how organisations can prepare for a quantum advantage, download the report.

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