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Intelligent industry

Preparing for multiple futures in aerospace

Crafting a multi-faceted transformation agenda for the commercial aerospace industry

The aerospace industry is facing huge growth, but also competing priorities.

The urgent need to ramp up production, increased competition from emerging markets, backlog of existing orders, an increase in fleet retirements, and mounting pressure to decarbonise – all impede the speed to market for traditional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). When crafting a transformation strategy, OEMs need to address these different – and at times, competing – priorities. They must fully reimagine traditional engineering, manufacturing, logistic and service practices, as well as reevaluate and adapt underlying operating plans, investments, and resources. The aerospace industry cannot create a strategy focused on a singular endpoint but rather embrace a multi-faceted transformation agenda. One that builds resilience throughout the business and across the supply network so that they not only succeed in the short-term – but in any scenario the future may hold.

A multi-faceted agenda transformation agenda includes:

Intelligent supply chain: Improving supply ecosystem collaboration through advanced data capabilities

Intelligent manufacturing and supply chain: Increasing production and improving resiliency, enabled by digital continuity

Driving sustainability: Setting a sustainable strategy, at speed and scale, through digital advances

Intelligent Industry: Preparing the commercial aerospace industry for multiple futures with a comprehensive transformation agenda with equal investment across technologies, business processes, and people

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Meet our experts

Lee Annecchino

Executive Vice President, Global Aerospace & Defence Leader
Lee has over 25 years of experience driving growth, innovation and revenue in a series of executive and leadership roles in the Aerospace industry. As Global Aerospace & Defence Leader at Capgemini, Lee is responsible for creating the global A&D industry strategy that drives a portfolio of capabilities and the ecosystem needed to address the evolving needs of the industry. Lee believes that data driven connected A&D ecosystems and resilient supply chains will drive efficiencies in the aerospace and defence industry.

Antoine Scotto d'Apollonia

VP | Digital Continuity Advisor | Capgemini Invent
Antoine has more than 25 years in civil aerospace leading Engineering transformation and PLM implementation for new programs. He is driven by the ability to develop new Digital Design-Manufacturing-Service platforms and deploy global Business Transformation for his clients. He manages Aerospace transformation best practices for Capgemini Invent and leads Digital Continuity insights across multiple industries. Antoine believes that development principles and digital enablers for the Aerospace industry are foundational for Intelligent Industry, the next era of digital transformation defined by the convergence of product, software, data, and services across all industries.