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Edge computing
5G and Edge

Is it possible to outgrow the cloud?

Breakthrough use cases require innovative solutions, which sometimes involve rediscovering old technologies.

The cloud has long been the go-to solution for remote data access and application hosting. But the increased role of IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in innovative projects has resulted in more data being generated and consumed than ever before. To perform critical tasks effectively, users and devices require near-instant access to this data.

Due to the cloud’s distant proximity to most data sources, its native applications don’t fulfill the bandwidth, latency, and performance requirements of advanced use cases. As a result, extending the cloud to devices and users has become essential.

Enter edge computing, a decades-old technology that brings computation closer to users and data.

Scaling the intelligent edge, however, will present challenges, such as deploying hundreds or even thousands of edge sites (cloudlets) and keeping their serviceability to a minimum. The key to making this work at scale is multi-access edge computing (MEC), which is the integration of edge-computing resources into a network.

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