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Find out more about CornerShop, the store of tomorrow

Want to learn more about CornerShop? Watch the below videos to find out how you can benefit from our store of the future, whether you are a retailer or consumer.

Our experts Steve Hewett and Priscilla Li explain more on this exciting concept and how it can help you as a fashion retailer understand your customers better and use AI and data to improve the shopping experience. At CornerShop, we are testing how virtually trying on clothes could help provide a better customer experience and help the planet by reducing the environmental impact of the rate of returns. You can explore the retail technology of the future, share your individual needs, preferences, intolerances, and sustainability goals and the store will guide you towards the right products to meet your needs.

Are you a grocery retailer trying to navigate the future of the shopping experience? CornerShop uses connected products, shoppable screens, and till free checkouts to guide you around the store, suggest recommendations, and eliminate your time waiting to pay. The store uses cameras and computer vision to measure social distancing,  and allow staff to manage customer safety better. Why not come and visit the store and experience the future of retailing for yourself?