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Meet the Graduate: My journey bringing wellness to the workplace

Rhiannon Atwal
Mar 15, 2024

Exploring her passion in Yoga, Sound meditation and Breathwork, took Rhiannon on a beautiful, explorative journey.

Learning what these practices can do for calming the nervous system and releasing tension inspired her to share her experience. Hear her story of how she is bringing wellness to Capgemini.

Hi, I am Rhiannon. 

I have been working at Capgemini as a Graduate Project Management Officer for 11 months in the public sector.
I have had an amazing journey so far and had some great role models who have supported my development and graced me with great opportunities.
Aside from my role at Capgemini, I have been deeply interested in the benefits of Yoga, movement, and stretching since I was a young girl.
I decided to explore this further and in February 2023 I embarked on a journey to India, Rishikesh, where I studied and gained 500hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga.
I also completed my Sound Healing qualification, which gave me an understanding of how sound and vibration can be used as a modality to directly calm the nervous system.
I had so many beautiful experiences on this journey, met some amazing people and gained deep knowledge of the mind, body and soul which I was eager to share with the wider world. However, I was particularly interested in sharing this knowledge with the corporate world.

The Corporate world is so fast paced, ever growing, expanding and changing. It can leave many of us feeling in a constant ‘fight or flight’ mode, due to deadlines, expectations and pressures. Simultaneously, people are also trying to navigate their own personal lives, which may feel overwhelming and like a ‘balancing act’.

We are also often behind laptop screens and sat down for most of the day, which can create tension within the body and result to an increase of stress. 

After experiencing this myself and hearing other people’s experiences, I realised there was a great demand for mental and physical wellness within the corporate world.

I was inspired to start teaching Breathwork, Sound, Meditation and Yoga workshops across Capgemini to help support mental wellbeing within the workplace.

It was important to me that people had access to wellbeing tools to manage their day, release tension from the body and feel good within themselves. 

Furthermore, I have led 4 sessions so far which has been a great success and I have received amazing feedback from the wider business.

My experience with teaching corporate workshops has helped myself and others understand how important it is to take some conscious time for yourself during the day, to internalize your awareness and understand what the body needs. 

I am so grateful for my journey so far and seeing the positive impact this has created for individuals and the business.

…Rhiannon Atwal

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Rhiannon Atwal

Graduate Project Management Officer
Rhiannon is an 500hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, specialising in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga. She joined Capgemini in 2023 as a Graduate Project Management Officer.