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Making an impact – Taking inspiration from other women to take on the world of tech

Khatra Farah
12 Jun 2023

Our Making an Impact blog series will feature stories from women across Capgemini UK and how they’ve made an impact on the technology sector.

Khatra was considering a career change but was not sure how to take that first step. Seeing other women pave the way, she felt inspired and motivated to do the same.

Transitioning to tech was something that had been on my mind for quite a while, but I was apprehensive about making such a significant change in my career. However, after seeing more female representation in the field, I became increasingly motivated to explore the possibilities that a career in tech could offer me. I joined a 12-week boot camp, which was an intensive program that helped me gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the tech industry. During the boot camp, I learned various technical skills, including programming languages, cloud technologies and database management. However, my main takeaways were not just technical, but also personal. I learned to be kind to myself, to stay motivated, and to be patient with myself as I pursued a different career.

Khatra pulled on the support of her family and mentors to realise her work makes a real impact, and her skills in biomedical science have a place in tech.

One of the most significant challenges I faced during the transition was imposter syndrome. As a biomedical scientist, I felt like I did not belong in the tech industry and that I was not good enough to succeed as I had no prior tech experience. However, the support and encouragement I received from my family and mentors helped me overcome this challenge and realise that I had valuable skills to contribute to the field. I also found it essential to network and connect with other professionals in the industry and I was amazed at how supportive and inclusive the tech community was and how many opportunities were available to me.

Although transitioning to tech was a big decision for me, I knew that I wanted to continue making a positive impact on people’s lives. In tech, I saw an opportunity to use my skills and knowledge in a different way and make a difference in a new field.

The flexibility that tech has offered to Khatra has meant her balance of being a Mum and a woman in tech is much more manageable.

Working in tech has provided me with the opportunity to achieve a better work-life balance, which is particularly important to me as a mother of two young children. The flexibility that it offers enables me to be more present for my family while still pursuing a rewarding career.

One of the great things about setting new goals and embarking on a new journey is that it allows us to challenge ourselves and grow in new ways. I have truly enjoyed my journey so far as a DevOps engineer. With the right skills, knowledge, and networking, it is possible to successfully make the transition and build a career in technology. I am grateful for the continuous learning and growth opportunities provided by Capgemini UK, and I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. The support and inclusiveness of the company have been instrumental in my success, and I hope to pay it forward by supporting and empowering others in the future.

Khatra Farah

DevOps Engineer for CIS
I am a Cloud DevOps Engineer, with a background in Biomedical Science. I chose to change directions and I am a firm believer that you can start over at any stage of life. I possess a range of expertise in building and deploying monitoring systems, troubleshooting technical incidents, and delivering effective solutions. I live in London, and I am a mum of two wonderful children, a 6-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl who inspire and give me the motivation to do my best in both my personal and professional life. Outside of work, I have recently joined a gym and I like reading and long walks at the park to unwind and catch up with friends. Exploring different cultures through travel is another passion of mine, and I love trying new food along the way.