Grasp the moment or become the legacy

A live webinar event

Balancing expectations: unleash your SAP potential

December 1st, 11-12am GMT

Stagnation, reformation, or revolution: which are you?

Many organisations are still debating how best to move forward with their SAP systems. Decisions around speed, complexity, and risk all have to be taken – leading to one of three positions:


where a self-defeating mentality exists based around the perceived difficulties of advancing the SAP estate – a legacy mindset that prevents meaningful change.


a more practical approach to benefits and change, exploiting past successes to pursue quick wins and demonstrate the value of agile working practices.


transformation, defined by a more energised approach that embraces risk to seek the speedy delivery of new capabilities, aligned to ever changing business needs.

The question of course is which are you, and what do you aspire to be?

During this webinar we’ll explore ways to maintain a sense of dynamism in your SAP transformation agenda: An approach that delivers short-term value while also delivering long-term organisational change.


Duncan Prior, VP of UK Enterprise Applications Advisory Services
Mike Curl, Capgemini – SAP Centre of Excellence
Dave Green, Capgemini – SAP Centre of Excellence


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