Technology has transformed the way we live, so why not the way we work?

Our employees have varying responsibilities and priorities outside of work and the reality is that a fixed working routine doesn’t work for everyone. While striking a balance will mean different things to different people, ultimately it is essential to feeling healthy, supported and motivated each day.
Our approach to flexible working reflects both the way our people want to work and Capgemini’s values. Recent actions have included:

  • introducing new flexible working policies
  • sharing employee stories on the benefits of flexible working
  • training senior leaders in unconscious bias and inclusion
  • engaging with clients around flexible options onsite

We’ve seen great results: in just one year, the number of employees making use of flexible working options jumped from 61% (2016) to 78% (2017).

Find out more about the benefits of working at Capgemini or our family friendly approach.

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