OUTfront is our Capgemini network for LGBT+ employees and allies, a community committed to fostering a supportive and safe environment at work and beyond. Our aim is:


  • To recruit, develop, and retain LGBT+ individuals by fostering a safe environment within Capgemini UK
  • To increase awareness and understanding of the LGBT+ community
  • To demonstrate the synergies between our LGBT+ community and those of our clients, therefore deepening client relationships.

OUTfront provides important information and support to Capgemini colleagues, as well as coordinating activities to foster a supportive, inclusive and understanding environment for all colleagues, and to raise awareness of potential issues facing the LGBT+ community at work. An important part of our work is to train stakeholders in our business (including our leaders and our recruitment and HR communities) so that our network of allies becomes ever broader. We also empower our members to act as role models, to spread the word that Capgemini is a safe and comfortable place to be out at work.

Capgemini colleague Alice Miller proudly displays her OUTfront mug
There’s always time for an OUTfront mug selfie
We’re also building an OUTfront presence at Student Pride events
Some of our Capgemini colleagues representing OUTfront at Pride
Look out for a coveted OUTfront mug in your local office










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