Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies, and CapgeminiThe Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) of Norfolk and Suffolk, like their colleagues in all police services, are under pressure to reduce the costs of their support functions while protecting front-line services. The two constabularies have been collaborating on an ambitious programme focused on achieving these aims through joint working. A major element of the plan was to put in place shared support functions such as HR, Finance, Procurement, Payroll and Stores, instead of having one of each function per force.

The forces decided to look for an ERP solution that would help them integrate their support departments and assist the progressive creation of joint operational teams serving both forces, and settled on Capgemini’s award-winning ERP and Duty Management system, t-Police.

The t-Police implementation went live, on time and within budget, with the Constabularies realising their vision of a single system for all back-office functions. In all, £1m per annum savings was achieved from go-live, with more expected as support services become increasingly integrated. The platform has given the Constabularies the flexibility to progress towards shared services at their own pace. Most importantly, the new platform has allowed for cost savings without effecting front-line services, allowing the Constabularies to focus on what they do best, serving their communities.

Charlie Hall, Former Deputy Chief Constable, Norfolk Constabulary, commented, “Capgemini worked collaboratively with us on a challenging, accelerated programme, going the extra mile when needed, helping us to go live on time and on budget with our new t-Police system. The t-Police ERP and Duty Management system has helped us realise significant cashable benefits in support services while providing self-service functions for our front-line officers and staff.”

Read the full case study (pdf) explaining how the two constabularies consolidate and automate their back-office functions, to save money and provide a streamlined view of the forces.

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