Data Science GameThe final stage of the 2nd edition of the Data Science Game, an international platform for prestigious institutes to gather and encourage their scholars to demonstrate their skillsets in the field of data science, was held last week at Capgemini’s Les Fontaines campus. The gathering saw eighty students from around the world compete against each other – delighted to announce that the UK team from University of Cambridge came second, behind Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The full list is available here.

The final challenge was set by AXA. The challenge dataset contained requests for automobile insurance quotes received by the insurance company from different brokers and comparison websites. The participants were asked to predict whether the person who requested a given quote bought the associated insurance policy. A mammoth 30-hour hackathon witnessed the creation of some of the most innovative and refined solutions to the problem. In the end, teams were ranked according to their prediction score. The performance measure used was log-loss, a measure that strongly penalises predictions that are both confident (probabilities are close to 0 or 1) and wrong. The team from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology ranked first, with a final log-loss score of 0.008344.

Data Science Game finalists at Capgemini

The Data Science Game, offering international opportunities for recruitment and leadership recognition, is an association that promotes the development of data science and skills related to scientific challenges addressed to students in computer science, data science, engineering, statistics and/or applied mathematics.

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