Jack and Sanjeev explain how taking part in Supertechies lead to a career with us.

My name is Jack Maille. I joined Capgemini on the Business Management Graduate Scheme, as a Project Coordinator. I am currently working for a major airport in the UK where I perform governance and administrative functions for incoming IT projects.

My name is Sanjeev Saroy. I am a Software Engineer, where I am part of a team creating custom-based solutions for clients. This ranges from web technologies to mobile, as well as DevOps and UX.

How I got to participate to Capgemini Supertechies/Innovator’s race:

[Sanjeev] I was in my final year at Aston University, studying Computer Science, when I entered the Innovator’s race competition. I believed it was a great opportunity to gain more practical experience to the potential challenges I may face during my career. My partner and I managed to reach the semi-finals of the competition, held at the University.


[Jack] I participated to the Supertechies (now known as the “Innovator’s Race”) as a student during my final year at Nottingham Trent University. I gave this case study a try as it was a good opportunity to put to practice the knowledge I acquired during my internship in an IT company. In pairs with a fellow student, our idea was then selected to go to the regional semi-finals which took place at our University.

What I got out of it:

[Jack] I think one of the main benefits of participating to the Innovator’s race competition is the opportunity of networking with professionals. The competition is organised in a way which allows participants to connect with other students and with experts within Capgemini. During the semi-finals, we were able to easily exchange with consultants, graduates, and discuss our solutions with other candidates.

[Sanjeev] Collaboration skills was something I developed in the competition. I was partnered with a business student, so by gaining exposure to new skills for each of us, we were able to develop ourselves. I also met other participants and Capgemini employees, so it was a great way to connect with them in a similar way.

How Innovator’s race supported my application:

[Jack] Throughout the whole process, I had a great impression of Capgemini and their graduate programme. Participating to the innovator’s race was an opportunity to demonstrate my skills, my interest in working for Capgemini, and follow up with an application.

The innovator’s race was also a good way to prepare for the Capgemini assessment centre, which included a couple of group exercises and similar case studies. Today, I’ve joined Infrastructure Services which has a large graduate community, with whom I share different activities on a regular basis, from football to graduate training courses.

Our Infrastructure Graduate Community day at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London.

[Sanjeev] The Supertechies case studies are based on real life client challenges, which gave me a better understanding of what to expect in the role I was applying for. This put me in a better position when applying for the Capgemini graduate programme, as not only did I prove my knowledge for Capgemini, but I also was active in the events Capgemini held and had some exposure to potential role opportunities.

Recommend participating in the Innovator’s race:

[Jack] Participating to the Innovator’s race was a valuable experience which has allowed me to directly engage with Capgemini. I also strongly recommend anyone who likes a bit of a challenge to participate to this competition, you will have fun and get some professional experience out of it!

If I could give any useful tips, it would be to take full ownership of the idea you are presenting. Present your concept to the Capgemini panel as if you were going to sell it! Be passionate about your idea, the enthusiasm will show.

[Sanjeev] I strongly recommend that you participate in the Innovators Race, because it will grow your confidence. It’s good to get a better understanding of what to expect beforehand.

Also, having Capgemini listed on your CV will already make you stand-out in your application. Not everyone can say they entered the Innovator’s Race.

The one tip I’d give is to make this an opportunity to develop yourself. It isn’t just about winning the competition (which would be the greatest thing ever), but how you make the most of it. I was very fortunate to be partnered with someone with difference experience and skills, so we were able to learn new things from each other. As a result, our solution was strengthened and we reached the semi-final, so it was worth it!

– Watch here this year’s grand finale – and keep and eye out for details of any future competitions in 2017 !