You’ve got your offer, you’ve completed all your documentation, sent it back to the Capgemini Onboarding Team and are eagerly awaiting your first week – the GAP (Graduates Apprentices Placements) Induction. You’re excited, but scared – will I fit in? Will I get all the information I need? Will I be ready after the induction?

These were the questions I had as I prepared for my week in Telford. I was so excited to start, but also worried about whether I’d truly be ready to be a graduate technology consultant after just one week. Having spent three weeks at Capgemini post-induction, I can assure you that you’ll be more than ready to start by the end of your #GAPInduction.

In the first 1.5 days, we got involved in activities that gave us a depth of information on the company, the learning opportunities, our career paths and our business units. You get to know other starters who are joining different parts of the business to yourself.

For the next 3.5 days the grads got thrown into the Collaborating with Clients (CWC) course that provides you with a basic skillset to help you make the Capgemini Collaborative Business Experience a reality. When CWC starts, the days become long, I’m talking 8.15am to 7.15pm, to get through all the material and to simulate the life of a consultant. I learnt such valuable skills like root-cause analysis, managing conflict as well as my own strengths and weaknesses. I particularly loved the opportunity to get feedback from one of the facilitators at the end who encouraged me on my leadership abilities and to keep developing these skills. Throughout those 3.5 days, we worked in groups to develop proposals, structure meetings and build project documentation. You essentially learn by doing, not to mention you are taught by trained facilitators who are exceptional at teaching in compelling ways #NoPowerpoint.

After the 7pm finish each day the GAP team always had something fun planned. We had pizza and movie nights, we had bowling nights, curry and pub quiz nights – all complimentary! It was funny to see how excited we all got seeing 32 boxes of Domino’s after a long day on Thursday.

By the end of the week, I was exhausted but so happy with the people I’d met, what I’d learned and what I could now do. The WhatsApp group we have means there is at least one person with the answer to any question. As well as your fellow grads, you have the GAP team, your project manager, your line manager, your buddy – all there to support you as you start your journey being the you at Capgemini. Then, when I started on my first project, I was eased in with training sessions and shadowing so that I could learn about my role in a comprehensive and unpressured way. So, don’t be afraid, you’ll be #ready.

You can see some more of the photos from the April GAP Induction by checking #GAPInduction and #BeTheYou on Twitter.