Just before Christmas we published a series of predictions related to cloud. Today, following a BBC article on cybersecurity in the connected world, we will focus on the potential of artificial intelligence to anticipate security breaches and threats. I spoke to Capgemini BPO’s Chief Technology Officer Lee Beardmore to find out more:

Lee Beardmore, Capgemini“Cyber attacks will continue to pose a massive threat to business in 2016, and we will see more organisations turn to a new saviour to deal with this new class of criminals – artificial intelligence.

“Hollywood has left AI with a bit of an image problem so, until now, we’ve been missing out on the massive advantage it could bring to cybersecurity. The ability to monitor threats in real-time and identify anomalous behaviour will be supplemented by AI’s machine learning to pre-empt, predict and increasingly prevent such attacks. Days and weeks of human analysis across vast quantities of data could be executed in minutes, helping us to react far quicker and limit the severity of an attack.

“So will AI help us to win the battle against cybercriminals? Not entirely. There will be a continued growth in the numbers of cyber attacks against major corporations in 2016. As machine learning matures and is embedded into the cybersecurity armoury, we will have taken a very important step towards combating an increasingly sophisticated opposition.”