Ark Schools Head Teachers visit Capgemini HolbornCapgemini Holborn Office opens its doors to Ark Schools Head teachers

Ark is an educational charity, that has schools in Birmingham, London, Hastings & Portsmouth. They are working in many challenging areas and are focussed on excellence for their students and teachers.  Like all schools they operate in a constant climate of change – both forced on them and generated by them to achieve more and more.  Capgemini hosted an event in the Holborn Office for them to think about some leadership issues they are facing ahead of an event they have the following day. We helped provide some input from a business perspective on how a business might address similar issues to those they face.
Ark Schools break out session at Capgemini ASEThey were intrigued to tour our offices to see what it’s like to work in one of Capgemini’s impressive offices including its ASE. In the ASE Charlotte Mercer provided a tour and explained our client space and how we use it. They engaged in learning two new methodologies to help them address their problems and learnt about some of the client solutions we have helped deliver. They then had an interactive session in our Holborn Expresso by John Kamler who presented on Change Management and Stakeholder Management. This enabled them to think about how they could apply change management principles to their own practices in individual challenges they face.
It was an evening of insightful discussion that proved productive and inspiring and most importantly helped Head teachers think about some key challenges they faced with some suggestions for how to solve them.
Lauren Dalton-Jarvis, General Management Graduate