Recently, I have been lucky enough to attend several schools events. This usually includes a session in which students and young people have the opportunity to ask questions about what life will be like as a graduate at Capgemini. A question which is commonly brought up by students and new graduates alike is ‘How do I get the most out of my time on the graduate scheme?’

And in my opinion, it has a very simple answer! Capgemini has a great culture of nurturing junior talent. It is all about saying ‘yes’ to those opportunities which are presented, and about asking for when you want to be involved more. In my 9 months at Capgemini, I have been on three different projects. On each of these, when I have been asked if I would like to be involved with another aspect of the project, I have consistently said yes! This exposure has meant that I gained experience in business process modelling, business change analysis, architecture support and engagement management which I never would have had the chance to otherwise.

Alongside opportunities on projects, there are consistently opportunities to take part in junior talent initiatives. Recently, the junior talent community had the chance to take part in Micro-Tyco. This was a challenge in which you were given £1 and had one month to raise as much money for the charity WildHearts as possible. This was an optional activity, but I said ‘yes’ and formed a group of 5 with other graduates from my team and entered the running.

Micro Tyco was a challenging and interesting experience. We needed to organise and figure out how we were going to use our £1 and how we were going to make that money for a great cause. It required us to think of innovative ideas, utilise our resources, project manage our own team and stay dedicated to a task for the month of February.

And overall, we raised over £1000 for Wildhearts through several initiatives including a free prize draw, a London tech talk and blogging meet ups. I learnt huge lessons in perseverance towards a goal, leading and driving a project, importance of communications, and how to utilise all the resources which we have available.

I wouldn’t have learnt any of these lessons if I hadn’t have said ‘yes’ when an opportunity is presented. So make the most of your graduate scheme, say yes, get involved and build your own experiences!

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