On Thursday 11th of December, the schools outreach team headed to the ‘Mission Opening Doors’schools event run by a great team from My Kinda Crowd and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. My Kinda Crowd organises events to put young students in touch with leading companies and their junior representatives, as well as business challenges to inspire students and open their minds to ambitious careers in business and technology. This event aimed to showcase businesses whilst also giving the students who attended an opportunity to consider the future of the job market and the impact that changing technology is having on employment. The team representing Capgemini was made up of Syed Ansar Ali (Apprentice, Apps) Clement Bourcart (Graduate, CC), Fahim Yaqoob (Apprentice, Apps) and Jasmin Booth (Graduate, Apps).

The event took place at the Google Campus in Shoreditch, London. The Capgemini team arrived and set up our table accompanied with an abundance of chocolate for the students. The attendees had several opportunities in the morning to come and talk to us and get an idea about our graduate and apprentice schemes. They were also able to gain a better understanding of what it is like to work in the technology and consulting industry.

The day continued with several workshops for the attendees to get involved in. These included sessions on the impact of social media and how this can be used by potential employers, and managing your own personal brand which included making an elevator pitch to present yourself and a panel for the attendees to ask questions. Capgemini helped facilitate the session on the digital age and the impact of technology on the jobs market. The students were first asked to consider what jobs may soon be replaced completely by technology. They were then asked to identify some jobs which won’t be influenced by technology which prompted much debate concluding that, in some form or another, all jobs will be affected by the importance of technology. Clement then presented some of the most interesting technology advances which are currently taking place, with a focus on the retail sector. He highlighted our work at Burberry and the technology involved in their flagship store which shows shoppers what it looks like to wear their clothes on the catwalk.

In the afternoon, the students got into small groups and had a speed networking session. The groups of students rotated through the businesses present in the room, and we had 3 minutes to pitch to them what Capgemini does and what Capgemini has to offer in terms of our graduate and apprenticeship programmes. The students responded positively asking many questions about what it is like to work for the company and learning about the various options available. It was also a great chance for them to learn how to introduce themselves and boost their confidence.

The students then got another opportunity to network with the businesses before the day wrapped up. Overall, it was an extremely valuable experience not only for the students who attended as they learnt more about the importance of technology in the changing job market, but also for the team who attended as they got to promote Capgemini and inspire young people to pursue a career in technology and consulting.

A number of students were interested in summer work placements and were surprisingly driven and motivated, especially considering their young age – which left us hopeful that the future is in good hands, provided companies give these children the chance to show and develop their talent.

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Clement Bourcart
Associate Consultant