What a day.

WHAT a day!

After three months of hard work, excitement and planning, all our efforts culminated in today’s UK Super Techies Final. For those of you who don’t know (*and I’m astounded that you’ve managed to escape me talking about it!), the Capgemini Super Techies Show has run out of Capgemini India for the last three years. It asks entrants to solve business challenges using innovative technical ideas. This year, for the first time, the televised heats in India will include six professional teams from India and six university teams from around the world.

So for the last three months, the UK Super Techies Team have been working our socks off to get the message out there, publicise the opportunity, review fantastic entries, and plan the final…

Now, the thing about the final… Once you start talking about something like this in Capgemini, people get very excited. They can’t help it – our senior people are just very very passionate about anything that shows off our amazing organisation, or focuses on Junior Talent. And something that does both!? Wow. We have been totally blown away by the level of support we’ve received both internally and externally. Our judging panel comprised of Graham Cassford, Billie Major, Maggie Buggie, Rachel Charlton, Robert Kingston, a Client CTO, a valued partner from e-Skills UK and Jo Reed who is one of our very high performing graduates. What a line up! You couldn’t have blamed out Finalists for being a bit nervous, but they all did a fantastic job. Our UK winners, the University of Birmingham‘s Poppie Simmonds and Goda Bieksaite (or “Pop n’ Go” as we know them) were stand out candidates in a field of exceptional competition. You’ll be hearing a lot more about these remarkable ladies as we head towards the global competition – but if I were the other competitors in the global stage – I’d be nervous 😉


So – an opening from our fabulous UK Chairman, Christine Hodgson, amazing judges, brilliant competitors, an exceptional winning team – what else? Just an overwhelming sense of pride really… We wanted our UK Final to showcase the best things about our industry, and the organisation of which we’re all so proud, and boy, did it do that! As well as all the wonderful people we’ve already talked about, we had one of our clients talking about innovation with his Capgemini counterpart and groups of our finalists. We had our “Meet the Expert” hubs showcasing the very best of technology for a purpose, with BITC (Business in the Community), our Sustainability team and a particularly charming robot who works with autistic children (we’re all a bit in love with the robot!). We also had some of our most passionate innovators talking about their digital specialisms, including gamification, and the way we use social media to support our clients.


So if I take a quick scan through our corporate values, we hit a good few of them today: “Boldness”, “Freedom”, “Team Spirit” and very definitely “Fun”… In fact – the only one I can’t live up to today is “Modesty” – sorry – I’m just TOO PROUD!