Confronted with the growing expectations of consumers and markets, a competitive edge is a necessity in the corporate world and as environmental issues are becoming more complex and numerous, corporate responsibility and sustainability has become today’s dominant theme in achieving success.

We announced yesterday, 17 Oct, that the European Commission audit had awarded Capgemini UK a ‘gold standard’ certification for the third year running – read the full press release here

The aim of the EU’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme­ (EMAS) is to recognise and reward those that go beyond minimum legal compliance and continuously improve their environmental performance. It is the highest and most credible level of certification for an environmental management system. This achievement is heightened by the fact that we are the only UK company in the IT and consulting sector to currently hold EMAS certification and one of only 57 EMAS-registered organisations in the UK.
EMASBethan Richmond, Head of Sustainability Reporting, Capgemini, provides us with a bit more insight into the certification and the importance for Capgemini: “This year, for the first time in Capgemini, the EMAS audit was combined with an external, ISO 14064 based audit of our carbon footprint data. This approach enables us to publish what we believe are the highest levels of sustainability credentials in our sector and, importantly, these credentials are completely transparent and open to rigorous validation. That’s important to our clients, our investors and our people. Of course, that sets the bar high for future reports but we are lucky in Capgemini that the commitment and passion for sustainability starts at board level so our sustainability team is constantly encouraged and challenged to make the difference
Five years ago, our Sustainability Board set a number of intentionally challenging improvement objectives. The press release refers to other awards and recognition published in the latest Capgemini UK Sustainability Report [download pdf], highlighting all the work we have been doing in the last 12 months which are focussed around these objectives: 

Find out more about our commitment to CSR on our Corporate Responsbility & Sustainability pages.