The UK Government is driving to hand 25% of all government work to small and medium-sized businesses or enterprises (SMEs) by the end of this parliament. In ICT, the ambition is 50%. Some government departments have made excellent progress, according to this month’s report ‘Making Government business more accessible to SMEs – Two Years On’.

Among recent initiatives from Capgemini was theHMRC – SME Expo event”. Held at our Holborn Accelerated Solutions Environment the event was attended by 140 participants from HMRC, various Government departments and SME suppliers. It was used as an opportunity to address some of the barriers SME’s face around government business and to help further develop and advance the relationship between several Government departments and the SMEs. The event was hailed a success and greeted with great responses:

“Delighted to speak at #SMEExpo this morning. Great event led by @HMRC and @Capgemini supporting more SMEs into the Gov supply chain,”
Stephen Kelly, Government Chief Operating Officer reflecting on the 1 May event.

Meanwhile, Capgemini is doing more to make it easier for SMEs to get in contact and work with us – see this link: (and we are continually looking to refine this)

Even so, there is still much to do. A recent article in the Telegraph (‘Blow to Coalition’s SME drive as quarter say harder to win government contract’) has highlighted that a quarter of SMEs are actually finding it harder to win government contracts. The report, carried out by market research firm Opinion Leader showed that 50% of SMEs say it has not become any easier to secure government work, whilst the remaining 18% did not know.

There is still much to do. An interesting space to watch!