The Need for Speed

Quatre recommandations pour accélérer la performance digitale du secteur automobile

Rapport Need for SpeedLe secteur automobile connaît son plus grand bouleversement depuis l’invention du moteur à combustion. Notre étude montre que les organisations de tous les secteurs peinent à rendre tangible leur vision du digital et ce problème est particulièrement notable dans le secteur automobile.

Les entreprises du secteur sont en retard sur toutes les dimensions de transformation digitale. Et seules 30% des organisations interrogées pensent avoir les capacités nécessaires à leur trasnformation.

Le nouveau rapport du Capgemini Research Institute met en évidence quatre priorités à mettre en oeuvre par les entreprises du secteur automobile si elles veulent réellement prendre le virage du digital.

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Sound Bites

Bill Ford, executive chairman at Ford Motor Company

Ensuring the freedom of mobility requires us to continually look beyond the needs of today and interpret what mobility will mean to future generations.

Ethan Bernstein, professor at Harvard Business School professor

Imagine the difference between an employee-centric and management-centric approach: ‘here is a tool for you to track your steps’ (employee-centric) or ‘here is a tool for your manager to track your steps for you’ (management-centric). If you know your manager is tracking performance, you deliver compliance with her or his expectations. If you are the only one tracking it, you experiment to see how different behaviors trigger different results, yielding improvement and innovation and change.

Nils Wollny, head of Digital Business Strategy and Customer Experience at Audi AG

With [Audi VR], we are taking the next step in our strategy to combine digital innovation with the strengths of the brick-and-mortar dealership.

Key Takeaways


Percentage of consumers who prefer a mix of human and AI interactions when purchasing high-consideration products, such as cars


Percentage of automotive organizations that use analytics to personalize marketing communication


Percentage of automotive organizations that say digital culture is the top hurdle to digital transformation