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Invent MyData 2022

MyData Conference 2022

Catalyzing Fair Data Solutions

Capgemini Invent is a Silver sponsor at this year’s MyData Conference being held on 21 and 22 June in Helsinki, Finland. The event is the leading international conference on human-centric personal data management.

Organized by award-winning international non-profit organization MyData Global, the conference will play host to the brightest minds in data sovereignty and collaborative ecosystems in cyberspace. Capgemini has recently announced its membership of MyData Global.

Visit us in Booth #5 and learn about our Collaborative Ecosystems solutions for turning data ecosystems into tangible value. Tap into the learnings from almost a decade of supporting clients in delivering modern collaborative data ecosystems, from strategy to design, technology implementation, governance, and operations.

Capgemini Speaker Sessions

Free spirits free data – a systemic approach to impactful data sharing

June 21 |10:30-10:50 EEST | Avast Stage

Data does not need protection — it needs unleashing — to collaboratively reach where we cannot go alone. How can organizations increase the impact of data via collaborative data ecosystems that link economic, political, and social impulses and actors?

Esther Huyer
Deputy Global Lead for Collaborative Data Ecosystems, Capgemini Invent

Esther is a Senior Manager for data strategy and data policy at Capgemini Invent. She and her team aim at increasing the impact of data via collaborative data ecosystems linking economic, political, and social impulses and actors. She is inspired by data-informed solutions for holistic local and global development empowered by sovereign citizens.


Beyond personal: The data that enables AI application for social impact, and how to unleash its opportunities

June 21 |15:00-16:30 EEST

In an interactive workshop, participants will learn about the potential of AI application to social challenges. They will share their outstanding concerns and learn about the processes and technologies available to control and minimize risk.

Gianfranco Cecconi
Global Lead for Collaborative Data Ecosystems, Capgemini Invent

Gianfranco Cecconi leads globally the “Collaborative Data Ecosystems” offering for Capgemini Invent. He advises clients and colleagues internationally on the wide spectrum of topics that relate to sharing data, from best practices to legal frameworks and technology, including their practical application, across public and private sectors.

In his role, Gianfranco has led several of Capgemini Invent’s flagship open data and data sharing projects, such as the European Union’s open data programme and the data sharing programme “Support Centre for Data Sharing”.

Gianfranco volunteered for MyData Global during the association’s early years. He is a proud alumnus of the Open Data Institute, where he served as a data scientists and consultant. He contributes for working groups in the International Data Spaces Association and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.

Capgemini Speaker Sessions

How your personal data helps in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals

June 22 | 13:00-13:40 EEST | Sitra Stage

The challenges society faces today are unprecedented and require seamless collaboration across nations, organizations and individuals. We need solutions that are human-centric, empowering people to exercise their data sovereignty, while unleashing the potential of AI and algorithms. During the session, Pierre-Adrien Hanania will showcase several of the opportunities we at Capgemini have had, together with our partners and clients, to contribute finding those solutions.

Pierre-Adrien Hanania
Global Offer Leader for Data & AI in the Public Sector, Capgemini

Pierre-Adrien Hanania is Capgemini’s Global Offer Leader for Data & AI in the Public Sector, and focuses on how the right and intelligent use of data can help organizations to deliver augmented public services to the citizens. Based in Berlin and covering activities across 18 countries, Pierre-Adrien also drives the partnership with the United Nation’s ITU, with which Capgemini contributes to the AI4Good Summit since 2020. Prior to Capgemini, Pierre-Adrien worked for various European think tanks and graduated in European Affairs at Sciences Po Paris.

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