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Join Capgemini at Itron Inspire 2022

Powering energy transition and building a better, more sustainable future

September 25–27, 2022
JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort
Marco Island, FL

The utilities market is undergoing extraordinary change. A best practice today may be a legacy method tomorrow, as tools that were revolutionary a decade ago are becoming obsolete. Companies lacking a strong impulse to innovate are at great risk of becoming irrelevant.

Capgemini has a long track record of helping utility organizations overcome fundamental industry challenges. Our next-generation advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) 2.0 solution modernizes an existing AMI framework to ensure that its applications can handle modern technologies and support current energy-transition efforts. Even as a first implementation, Capgemini’s AMI 2.0 serves as a foundation for a future-resilient system that acts as a digital gateway between customers and energy transition – creating new possibilities for tangible value.

We also understand the sustainability imperative. Our technologies facilitate renewables integration and optimize operations aimed at clean energy and power management. Elevate your digital customer experience with the support of our experts and facilitate energy transition with a smart-grid transformation, leveraging our 20 years of experience in leveraging data and AI for impactful outcomes.

As a sponsor of the upcoming Itron Inspire event, we would be delighted to speak with you. Stop by the Capgemini booth in the Knowledge Center to meet our experts and discuss how you can prepare for a better future in utilities. We look forward to seeing you there.

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