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ACAMS Hollywood Conference 2023

with Perpetual KYC

By changing from a reactive mode to a dynamic one and unlocking the untapped potential of a proactive know-your-customer (KYC) approach, you can optimize costs and boost customer experience.

Explore our latest insights to learn how you can best assess potential sources of risk continuously across relevant data sources, understand the materiality of their impact on risk levels, and enable appropriate mitigating actions.

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Meet our experts

Manish Chopra

Global Head, Risk and Financial Crime Compliance
Manish is the EVP and Global Head for Risk and Financial Crime Compliance for the Financial Services Business at Capgemini. A thought leader and business advisor, he partners with CXOs of financial services and Fintech/payments organizations to drive transformation in risk, regulatory and financial crime compliance.

Karim A. Rajwani

Senior Advisory Consultant, Regulatory and Compliance

Supriyo Guha

Senior Director, Financial Crime ComplianceCapgemini
Supriyo is the practice lead for financial crime compliance at Capgemini. He leads strategic industry-first initiatives to help clients transform their anti-financial crime functions and heads Go-to-market for Capgemini’s marquee FCC clients.