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Pivoting to a subscription business model with Oracle Cloud

A technology company needed a modern framework for managing subscriptions

Companies are increasingly looking towards subscription-based business models to drive new revenue and build customer loyalty. Most organizations, however, will not find this to be a simple pivot.

A technology company based in the United States wanted to scale its SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business globally to better support subscription management for its core products. But its front- and back-end architecture lacked the modern framework necessary for operating subscriptions.

Capgemini stepped in to implement Oracle Subscription Management Cloud (OSMC) and Oracle Revenue Management Cloud (ORMC) into the company’s application ecosystem. This helped transform its sales model and enabled consumption-based product billing for end customers. Our teams also developed multiple interfaces to bridge the gap between front- and back-office applications and provide a full and consolidated view of revenue and billing.

This technology enterprise could now sell subscription-based product offers in bundles with various options based on consumer wants and needs. It also benefitted from higher accounting accuracy and efficiency through automated financial-system reconciliations and reduced operational IT costs.

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Meet our experts

Darshan Naik

EVP, Chief Growth and Strategy Officer, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Markets, Capgemini Americas

Kevin Stoll

Expert in Business Strategy

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