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Application modernization for a global aerospace leader

Aerospace companies are known for building aircraft but, in reality, they do so much more. They are a central cog in aircraft manufacturing supply chains, delivering parts, people, and possibilities to manufacturers around the globe.

Today’s airplanes are incredibly sophisticated – one count found a single aircraft can have between four and six million parts – but stockpiling unused parts is a prohibitively expensive strategy. The solution? Predictive maintenance.

When done well, connected devices leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to proactively provide crucial data and insights about real-time asset performance, estimated replacement timelines, and supply-chain agility, with ample lead time for suppliers and airlines. This requires agility and scalability across organizations, and that means moving away from legacy systems to a flexible cloud-based model, which often begins with the process of application modernization. It is a considerable undertaking, but it is the first step in true digital transformation.

We worked with a leading aerospace manufacturer facing legacy-system challenges that wanted to modernize and improve predictive maintenance of its supply chain for after-market service-parts management. The objective was to adopt a cloud-first approach to improve lead time, forecasting accuracy, inventory optimization, and, above all, planning, leveraging Red Hat OpenShift and the Kubernetes Orchestration Platform.

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