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Welcome to where intelligence transforms everything at Google Cloud Next

Genevieve Chamard
18 Aug 2023

Having a finger on the pulse of technology is critical. But with so much happening so quickly, keeping up can be a struggle. So, I’m truly excited for Google Cloud Next 2023.

Google Cloud Next ’23 is the flagship annual conference where I’ll be joining my team at Capgemini and some of the brightest minds in the field. We’ll be both experiencing and sharing the latest innovations, technology, and trends from industry experts and global business leaders. 

If you’re planning to attend, I invite you to join me there for exclusive insights and transformative opportunities tailored just for you. This includes immersive industry demos, live podcast episodes and speaking sessions with our clients – exploring how Capgemini and Google Cloud work together to transform businesses like yours every day.

Here’s a look into two of the spotlight sessions:

Elevate your possible with responsible Generative AI 

More than just a buzzword, Generative AI (GenAI) is making tangible impact to businesses across all industries. I’m delighted to share with you a glimpse of Capgemini’s journey with GenAI at Google Cloud Next.

Get the inside story of how Capgemini specialists trained their teams on 250 use cases of generative AI and built 52 demos for the clients – all in the span of two months. You’ll explore practical applications and best practices for tangible outcomes – to give you a glimpse into the adoption journey. 

A leading US bank builds a next-gen enterprise with Google Cloud 

Explore the journey taken by a leading US bank to become a data-master enterprise. The company adopted a data-driven strategy and accelerated product and service development while capitalizing on market trends, better serving its customers, and getting an edge over the competition. 

I’m excited to share with you three immersive experiences available at our booth, showcasing the advantage of leveraging Google Cloud’s innovations in three domains.

Explore the combined power of human intelligence, cloud, and Generative AI 

  • Financial services: Witness how the home-insurance sector is adapting to Google Cloud technology, creating personalized payment models based on user behavior, regardless of their risk profile 
  • Retail: Experience how customers can receive tailored recommendations and interact with audio conversations to self-checkout smartly and conveniently – powered by generative and conversational AI 
  • Automotive: Drive your imagination, literally. With AD SHORTY you’ll explore how autonomous vehicles will be able to take drivers to new areas and terrains, and not just through common roads and freeways.  

Capgemini’s booth will also be hosting the Cloud Realities Podcast; join over 100,000 listeners as Google experts will discuss key trends, challenges, and opportunities for organizations as it explores sustainability, cybersecurity, and business transformation. Tune in to gain practical advice for navigating large-scale cloud transformations from our Chief Cloud Evangelist and Chief Architect for Cloud, Dave Chapman.  

So, if you’re attending, please drop me a message on LinkedIn, or find me at booth #1215 and let’s discuss the possibilities in the world of cloud technology.


Genevieve Chamard

Expert in Manufacturing, Retail