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Strategy and transformation


Tell me about your role.

I am a consultant with Capgemini Invent, focused on enterprise transformation and change management. You can find me working on a system implementation or a data exploration project closely with our clients. I’m always listening to our clients’ concerns and making sure there’s a solution that helps them out long term. 

What about Capgemini attracted you most?

I really liked the overall color and energy that they were giving. From just the few people that I met and talked with, I could tell that they were curious about my individuality, about what I could bring to the table, and I liked how they were allowing me to speak, allowing me to share my ideas, and that kind of openness is what drew me into Capgemini.

Tell me about your work-life balance within a hybrid work mode.

Working from the Dallas office and being able to work remotely has been a game changer to my career. I love being able to quickly hop on morning calls and then making my way to the office in the afternoon. I like meeting my colleagues in person after I’ve learned their names over Teams, and just that balance of figuring out what works best for you makes me a more effective worker and allows me to bring my best foot forward on different days, on different meetings, and through this flexibility I’ve learned to grow a lot more, and I think meet way more people, so it’s been awesome.

Tell me about the Employee Resource Group (ERG) you are part of.

ERGs have been a very big part of my career here at Capgemini. The first one that I joined was AsiaPacT, a community for Asians, Asian-Americans, and allies to bring in their unique background stories and traditions, and we celebrate it together. We enjoy all the different cultures, and learning and equipping each other so we can be better in the workplace and in our day-to-day lives.

How has Capgemini supported your growth professionally?

When I first started at Capgemini, we participated in a training program called The Institute, which is this mini bootcamp where they pair you up with coaches that really walk you through what it means to become client-facing. So as a new consultant entering a new field and exploring all these different new industries, it was nice to have the foundation set – what it means to give a presentation, to tell a story, to work with clients, and get to know your clients in a business and professional way. That is what really helped set me up to become the consultant I am today.

How is Capgemini helping you get the future you want?

I’ve been encouraged to be curious, to share ideas and ask questions and seek solutions, and [explore] this kind of culture of people who are so inspiring and motivating for you to bring whatever you have to the table. This has allowed me to just be proactive and to find my voice as a professional.