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Canada People Experience Leader


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Human Resources

Tell me about your career journey at Capgemini

We often speak of our entrepreneurial spirit and this is one of my favorite things about working at Capgemini. Since starting my career with Capgemini 15 years ago, I’ve been in five different roles. I made an intentional choice with each one so that I could focus on subject matters I’ve been interested in and would allow me the growth I was looking for in my career. Over the course of my career at Capgemini, I’ve worked on a range of transformation projects that focused on Human Resources (HR) transition and change management, system implementations, and employee engagement programs, and on Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

What is your current role and what does your typical day look like?

As the Canada People Experience (PX) Leader, I focus on building initiatives that create a harmonized experience for our people across the Canada Business Unit, driving cross-business collaboration and creating a unified culture. My days often involve collaborating with teams such as our People Engagement Council, Corporate Social Responsibility team, and Employee Resource Groups on employee events, working with business leaders to understand their people priorities and connecting with employees to get to know more about their experience and ideas.

How did Capgemini support your transition from HR to People Experience?

My transition from HR to PX was one of the most collaborative experiences I’ve had at Capgemini. To begin, I had the full support of my former and new team, and knowing that helped me plan a thoughtful and methodical transition between roles.

Capgemini has supported me in my career in many ways. With the transition to PX, I had the trust of my team and the freedom to create my roadmap as the PX Leader and build a brand new PX program for the Canada Business Unit. This is what empowerment looks like at Capgemini.

What do you love about the ways of working at Capgemini?

I love the connectedness of working at Capgemini. We have an immense network of people that we connect with, and are not limited by region or function. The partnerships and friendships carry forward even when colleagues relocate or take on roles in a different space. The freedom and flexibility that comes with being able to draw from your network is invaluable and gratifying, as is being able to share your resources and knowledge when someone reaches out for support.