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Tell me about what brought you to Capgemini.

During my senior year [of college] I was accepted into the Capgemini RISE program. I participated on a team, on what was essentially a four-day long case study. And during this competition, which was a long interview, I was…offered a job in the QET practice after my team won first place.

What’s your journey been like at Capgemini?

In my first action learner role, I was tasked with visualizing regression testing trends in the first couple months, and in the next couple months I was off doing some visualizations of robust dashboards for the client.

Right now, I am doing my best to assist in any center of practice efforts within my practice, and it’s essentially just an opportunity to give back and allow everyone else in my practice to all learn as a community. And it could be on various topics as well. I’m also an action learner for an energy company in which I am essentially shadowing leads that are in the managerial roles and just getting a feel for kind of their day-to-day as well.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working closely with one of my colleagues on the AI Center of Practice, and that’s kind of the utilization of generative AI and large language models. We do have some group guidelines and we are making sure that we’re sticking to that. So it’s essentially just very baseline utilizing Gen AI and leveraging LLMs to make our own work more efficient. And that’s not necessarily using it on the client, but just more so in our day-to-day when it comes to things like sending emails or practicing within the environments that we are going to be using for the client. It is nice just being able to understand and kind of see how things work.

What do you love most about Capgemini?

What I love most about Capgemini is the amazing support system that I’ve received during my time here. Whenever I had a question that I wasn’t entirely sure what the answer was, I always could look to any of my colleagues, any of my peers, any of my managers and even my people unit leader, someone that’s of higher grade than me.

How has Capgemini supported your growth personally and/or professionally?

Through my action learner roles, I’ve been able to see so many different aspects of a project that I would not have otherwise seen. One of the main benefits of being an action learner is that, even though I’m not necessarily working with the client, I’m working with people in Capgemini that are working with the clients and I’m able to kind of assist in different aspects of the project.

I have been able to work on a couple different certifications, still working those out a little bit just as I find time within being on the bench and doing some activities for my practice. Just being able to do some learnings on the side while I’m also just helping out and just in my off time, being able to be surrounded by people that also want to learn and want to get those certifications is something that makes it really motivating to continue to essentially increase our knowledge.

What advice would you give someone joining Capgemini?

To be bold. That is one of our main seven principles at Capgemini. And being bold can mean a lot of different things. It can mean creating solutions that would otherwise not be the first thing that people think of. It could be something from me as simple as asking a question even though I’m afraid. When I first started here and I went to the RISE program, I learned this valuable lesson from one of my mentors and my manager right now as well.

How is Capgemini helping you get the future you want?

Capgemini is helping me get the future that I want by allowing me to have access to so many different courses online in which I can learn and pick and choose which things I want to specifically learn for my future. I think one of the most important parts is being able to select for yourself and make it your own in terms of learning.