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Tell us about you and what you do at Capgemini.  

I joined Capgemini more than six years ago. I currently reside in Newbury Park, Los Angeles, but will be relocating to Houston, Texas, to be closer to my clients.

I serve as a Go-To-Market Lead and Architect for our Insights & Data North America (I&D NA) Resources & Energy Transition (R&ET) clients. My role involves overseeing enterprise-level architecture and closely collaborating with the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and IT (Information Technology) directors on their sustainability and data and generative AI transformative journey.

I am also active across many different groups that promote collaboration at innovation: I am a national lead for the Organized Carbon & Environment Action Network (OCEAN) employee resource group, I lead the Insights & Data NA Gen Garage, serve as a single point of contact for the Architects Community, and am a member of the Americas Architects Council.

What does your day-to-day look like?

There is a lot of collaboration with clients, CTOs, and IT directors – ensuring that our architecture aligns with transformation goals. It involves strategic planning, problem-solving, and driving innovation in the Energy, Utilities, & Chemicals (EU&C) sector with data and AI technologies. I love solving complex challenges for clients because it resonates with my passions and brings immense satisfaction.

It’s like living my dream every day!

What do you love about working at Capgemini?

There are several aspects of working at Capgemini that I genuinely love. There’s a lot of encouragement and support for innovation. I have the freedom to explore new ideas and approaches, which keeps my work exciting and constantly evolving. The culture at Capgemini is incredibly collaborative. I enjoy working with a diverse team of talented individuals who share their knowledge and expertise, fostering personal and professional growth.

Another thing I love is Capgemini’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility which aligns with my personal values. I appreciate the company’s efforts in contributing positively to society, and to our clients. The focus on client success is paramount. Knowing that our work directly contributes to our clients’ achievements is highly rewarding.

How is Capgemini helping you get the future you want?

Capgemini plays a significant role in helping me shape the future I want in several ways. There’s investment in employee development through opportunities for continuous learning. Whether it’s training programs, certifications, or exposure to cutting-edge projects, I am constantly expanding my skill set and knowledge, which is crucial for achieving my career goals. The company also offers a clear path for career advancement and growth. I can set and pursue my career goals within Capgemini, knowing that the organization values internal talent and provides opportunities for upward mobility.

Another thing Capgemini has given me is the opportunity to network and collaborate. Its global presence enables me to build a vast professional network. This network not only supports my current work but also opens doors to potential future opportunities and collaborations.

Capgemini empowers me to work toward the future I want by offering the support, resources, and opportunities needed to achieve my goals and aspirations.