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Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Services


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Financial Services

Tell me about being the Head of CSR for Financial Services. What does a typical day look like for you?

Describing one day would be complicated because it really differs from one day to another. I focus on two main pillars within the Corporate Social Responsibility team, which is Digital Inclusion and Sustainability. The main goal of this role is to identify ways we can improve the impact of Capgemini. Part of it is working both internally and externally: we do training with our employees and help non-profit partners through volunteering, but we also work with our clients and partners to make sure we are deploying our impact. We organize some initiatives for our clients, but we try to also show them great things they can do. My job is really about project management – creating events and leading programs.

What do you love about being Head of CSR for Financial Services?

 I’m part of this generation that is really looking for meaning in the jobs that we do. I worked for non-profits and did volunteering in India and the Philippines, and I was like, “How can I combine my business background and that willingness I had to really make an impact?” Non-profits and governments cannot move alone. They need corporations to move along with them – so for me, it made sense to continue down this path. I chose Capgemini specifically because of the people and how driven they are. One of the main feedback items I always receive from non-profits is that they are really impressed that Capgemini is focusing on the beneficiaries instead of focusing on the company. I think that is how you know that they are listening to the needs. Additionally, I have met many super-talented people with amazing stories and amazing backgrounds and I don’t just learn from them, but I am empowered by them.

How does Capgemini give you the autonomy to make decisions?

Because of the trust we have in our expertise, and again because leadership is aligned with us, we have a direction that everyone is respecting at the Group level. I think it is important that everyone is consistent with that and that they trust us to move forward and continue. Here in New York, you can easily connect with top leadership to get ideas and keep things moving; decisions, events, and everything, I think the way the company is working for any project allows you to have a lot of freedom. In addition, everybody is willing to do something, so it is easier every time to find people. It has been a little more than a year and a half that I have been with Capgemini and everyone that I have met in a one-on-one activity is back and asking to be part of more. It is easy to keep things moving.

What is one of your most memorable moments in your time at Capgemini?

This is a difficult question because I have many, many great moments. Our digital academies program is one of my favorites. In 2021, we offered 43 internships, and you get to watch them evolve through their internship. These individuals, due to greater societal factors, have not had the same opportunities as others, which are opportunities they should have from the beginning. When they start their internship, a lot of them struggle with imposter syndrome and are not feeling great. By the end, you see how they are empowered through their work, and get offered a full-time position here at Capgemini. I have such strong emotions for our interns who come through these programs, getting to meet with them regularly and watching the shift happen because this is not just one hour of help, but it really is an impact on their lives. Their emotions are contagious, it gives you energy to continue, and better understand why you do this job. It really is amazing.

How are you working towards getting the future you want?

Trust is a huge aspect. I have so much trust and freedom to be able to lead the projects that I am looking for. Again, there is an accessibility of all employees being able to network with people of different levels and diverse backgrounds. This networking is to help you better understand what you want and how to build a road map to get there. I really wanted to work in Corporate Social Responsibility, and now I get to take new responsibilities to lead my own projects and increase the impact. I started with North America and now I am also responsible for the UK. Additionally, I have more projects that are global. Every time I meet with a new person, I learn a new thing. I wanted to work at a place where I feel connected with the values, and that is why I am at Capgemini right now.