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Elaine Burke

Elaine Burke

Senior Data Scientist


Experienced professionals

Data management

Tell us about what you do.

I am a senior data scientist in the Insights and Data practice. I collaborate with our clients to solve interesting and complex problems using advanced analytics and machine-learning techniques.

What drew you to Capgemini?

There are several reasons why I was drawn to Capgemini. First, the opportunity to work at a global consulting firm was incredibly appealing to me. I love working with diverse clients and colleagues to make a positive and meaningful impact.

Second, I am proud to be a part of Capgemini’s inaugural Career Comeback program, which supports people who want to re-start their career after taking time away from the workforce. Development and growth can happen outside the corporate world, and my years away don’t diminish my value. I want others to understand that about themselves. Being a part of this program gives me an opportunity to support and empower others to recognize their own potential.

How did you learn about the Career Comeback program?

I discovered the program through an organization called iRelaunch, which provides support for individuals like myself who have taken a break from the workforce, often to fulfill caregiving responsibilities such as elder care, spouse care, or childcare. Capgemini participated in a conference hosted by iRelaunch, which is how I connected with our recruiters.

What type of support has Capgemini provided in your learning and development?

One of the things that I’ve loved most about joining Capgemini is the number of learning and development resources we have available. I’ve personally taken advantage of these opportunities by obtaining technical certifications, while also engaging in courses to refine my presentation and facilitation skills. Regardless of the area of interest, Capgemini offers a wide range of resources for individuals seeking to grow their expertise.

What’s your advice for someone new to Capgemini?

My advice is to take advantage of all the amazing resources we have here. Grow your skills using the array of learning, development, and training opportunities we have available, join some of our incredible Employee Resource Groups, and try to connect with and get to know your colleagues from different backgrounds. There are so many wonderful people who want to help you succeed.

How is Capgemini helping you get the future you want?

Capgemini is helping me get the future I want by providing me opportunities to grow my skills in every direction.