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Procurement Country Manager – Assistant Director, ER&CPS for North America


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Tell us about your role.

I started here in 2017 as a Regional Category Lead Buyer for the Americas. Thanks to my eight years’ experience in management, I was soon asked to oversee our team of external resource managers in Guatemala. I was essentially working in several roles at that time, supporting activities such as supply categorization and rationalization, performance reviews, and RFPs.

Then I became a Country Manager for Mexico, and quickly grew to lead the transformation of procurement in Mexico and Colombia. I was appointed Local Chief Procurement Officer, and transferred to Mexico for three years, which was a lot of fun.

I moved into a role as Assistant Director and Procurement Business Partner and oversaw the financial-services business unit. My role was to bridge the business, support functions, and procurement, so we can meet all the requirements we need to deliver to our end client.

Today, I am a Procurement Country Manager. I oversee everything related to external resources and corporate professional services. Now my previous role of Procurement Business Partner reports to me, and I drive the whole strategy we use. Everything related to training and professional services, contract management, all negotiations, and big decisions taken on the category and how we manage it in the market is under my wing and it’s now my responsibility.

You mentioned you transferred to Mexico for three years, so tell us about that. How did the transfer come about?

When I was in Guatemala, I always heard that there was career mobility and opportunity to grow. That was a big topic across all the business lines, but I never actually managed it or lived it myself.

When that opportunity came along, they offered it to me and so I said “Okay, you know what? I’ll take that challenge.” That opportunity for me boosted my career in Capgemini for sure. It gave me a lot of exposure, and I was never alone. I always received amazing support from my mentors. We set up the priorities and plans, and we agreed on the terms and conditions for that transfer. I created a whole new line of business for Mexico and the Latin America region, and it grew exponentially.

I was implementing and overseeing everything related to procurement. All the strategies, tools, and policies. I also created the team there. The person I placed in Mexico is from Guatemala as well. So, we were able to move another person with very good expertise and a lot of experience. So now it’s not only me creating a good path for myself but crafting paths for other people from different countries to start moving and growing, which for me, just witnessing it, is amazing.

How does Capgemini empower you to master the skills you need to succeed?

Ever since I started at Capgemini, two mentors – my current boss, the Regional Category Director, and our Regional Chief Procurement Officer – took me under their wings and have been supporting me in leading the deployment of every project that I’ve done. They have always mentored me in a helpful and positive way.

What do you think is the best thing about working at Capgemini?

One thing I love is that no two days are the same. There are always different challenges, and complex situations that give me the chance to apply all of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained. I also love having the ability to collaborate with everyone – not only our procurement team, but also the business and support functions, and every stakeholder working toward our collective end goal. For me, that’s just amazing because it helps me create a better version of myself professionally and continue growing for everyone’s benefit.

How do you see Capgemini’s purpose come to life in your work?

Our main purpose is unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future. When I go to one of our clients in the food industry and see the technology they have, for example, I know that it has our footprint because I was personally involved in getting the people together to deploy that project.

What advice would you give to someone just joining Capgemini?

There’s always a way to learn, and there’s always a way to grow. Learn as much as possible and take advantage of all the courses and support from our HR team and managers.

How has Capgemini helped you get the future you want?

It’s all about giving and receiving. We have a very good team of professionals working together here, and I always receive a lot of support. I provide the same support in return. It doesn’t matter which geography, which race, which gender I’m working with, we all come together, and we all deliver what we need to, and that has helped me grow a lot.