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engagement managers

We manage. We influence. We deliver.
Join us to build a future-ready career.

An acclaimed profession within Capgemini, our engagement managers (EMs) and their community are the cornerstone of our delivery success. With a thriving network of nearly 15,000 professionals worldwide, this community unites the disciplines of project management, service delivery management, and transition management. 

Today’s business environment is complex, and our EMs assure delivery by unleashing the power of Capgemini’s greatest asset: our people.

Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit for successful delivery

As an engagement manager, you are responsible for outcomes. You create and own an environment which enables rigorous project management, financial accountability, drives innovation and sustainability. You will spearhead your team’s and Capgemini’s capability to deliver quality projects and foster lasting client relationships.

Simply put, as an engagement manager at Capgemini, you will be the trusted advisor for our clients and a thought leader for our people.

Your career journey as an engagement manager at Capgemini

We care about your career. Careers at all levels as an EM are founded on the principle that experience helps you grow, and growth opens up potential for wider experiences. Personal growth is fueled by a world-class curriculum, and our community-led support structure provides help and guidance when you really need it…on the job, in the moment.

Our global certification program will oversee your progressions as an engagement management professional. New EMs certify at the level that is right for them and can progress to the prestigious group of ‘Club d’Experts’ at the highest levels.

Get exposure to global roles, projects, and mobility to participate in a truly borderless and diverse work environment.

Connect, learn, grow

Our engagement managers community actively fosters a personal support network through global virtual experiences, meet-ups and 1-2-1 coaching connections. From collaborating with immediate colleagues to being guided by experienced mentors from across the world, our community enables our EMs to tap into countless years of professional experience from every discipline and every industry.

Each year, the entire global community comes together on one platform to share and learn from each other.

    “I’VE ALWAYS HAD THE opportunity to work in different positions. that’s the strength of a global employer”

    "I'VE ALWAYS HAD THE opportunity to work in different positions. that's the strength of a global employer"

    Kirsi, Engagement Director, Finland
    Kirsi's story

    “Capgemini offers the flexibility that helps you strike the work-life balance”

    "Capgemini offers the flexibility that helps you strike the work-life balance"

    Hemant, Engagement Manager
    Hemant's story

    “AT Capgemini, you are actively encouraged to challenge and take on new challenges”

    "AT Capgemini, you are actively encouraged to challenge and take on new challenges"

    Nikki, Engagement Director
    Nikki's story

    Endless possibilities

    Every industry is different. Knowing the unique challenges that each industry faces is critical to business success. It’s also a key part of being a successful engagement manager at Capgemini. Discover some of the Industries with which our engagement managers work.


    Changing customer behaviors and expectations, new regulations, digitization, and societal pressure for sustainability have introduced a host of new and, at times, competing priorities for all automotive players – and our engagement managers play a key role in accompanying them.

      Banking and capital markets

      Banks and capital markets firms are facing unprecedented disruption. They must invest to meet customers’ digital expectations, manage risks, and attain sustainable business outcomes.

        Energy and utilities

        Energy organizations are under mounting pressure to lead the way to a more sustainable future. How will they achieve the future that they want?

          … and many more

          Our engagement managers are also heavily focused on industries like healthcare, high-tech, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, and telecoms.

            Find your future!

            Whether you’re an aspiring engagement manager or a seasoned one, we have an opportunity for you that will help you to get the future you want.