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Spatial Computing
Where digital meets the physical world

Spatial computing is revolutionizing the intersection of digital and physical realms, unlocking a world of possibilities. By integrating physical objects and environments with digital information, spatial computing enables seamless interactions and experiences that were previously unimaginable.

Governments use spatial computing for improved urban planning and investment decisions, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing public services. By merging digital and physical realities, spatial computing is reshaping industries, enhancing daily life, and unlocking limitless innovation. In industrial manufacturing, digital twins enable precise monitoring and optimization of production processes, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. 

With countless opportunities still to be explored, the future of spatial computing and digital twins promises to be transformative, driving innovation and efficiency across a wide range of industries. We help to bring any of these initiatives to life. 

“Capgemini is, at its core, a tech company. Drawing on our deep local and global expertise, we help our clients create value where the digital and physical worlds meet and apply those advances across every sector.”

Sara Long, Vice President, Managing Director at Capgemini Engineering Australia & New Zealand
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Unveiling the Future

Governments Harnessing Spatial Computing for Enhanced Decision-Making

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Meet our experts

Todd O’Mara

Vice President of Software, Capgemini Engineering
Todd is consistently captivated by Capgemini Engineering’s unwavering commitment to client value and deliver outcomes. He currently leads a brilliant team of solution architects, thought leaders and portfolio managers focused on driving the success of the Software Product Engineering business at a global scale. This collective is driven to orchestrate long-term client success driven by software.

Sara Long

Vice President, Managing Director at Capgemini Engineering Australia & New Zealand
Bringing over 15 years of experience, Sara’s remarkable journey in technology and leadership has grown client accounts and teams at BHP and ABB. She has a deep understanding of diverse industries, including mining.

Sarah James

Director Insights and Data, Capgemini
Data and AI Strategist Sarah is a Data and AI program leader with experience across multiple types of data and technologies. She has worked across Government, Energy Transition, Resource, and Utilities, working across the globe, with evidence of impact and solutions on an international scale over 25 years.

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