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AWS reInvent 2023 (2)


Generative AI
Elevate your Possible

We were thrilled to be a Diamond Sponsor at AWS re:Invent 2023.

Thank you for joining us at AWS re:Invent ’23, AWS’s biggest cloud event of the year. This remarkable event provided the opportunity to come together with fellow enthusiasts who share a passion for cloud and learning about the latest developments in Generative AI, compute, databases, analytics, machine learning, and storage.

We were delighted to see you there and share fresh perspectives from our AWS Cloud experts and other esteemed industry leaders.

We explored our commitment to a sustainable future and showcased how we harness the power of AI to create a sustainable and inclusive future with our annual Global Data Science Challenge. Visitors experienced the Biodiversity Buzz on our booth with interactive Virtual Reality.

Sustainable Industries

Discover our innovative solutions for the Automotive and Energy industries. We hope you had a week filled with valuable insights and transformative opportunities:

our solution:
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems & Autonomous Driving
By end 2023 15% of cars sold are forecasted to be fully autonomous. This solution provides a Global and fully automated V&V platform and is a full training journey solution thanks to its Global training Centre to upskill and train engineers.

Our solutions:

  • GenAI: Knowledge Assistant
  • GenAI: Intelligent Inspection
  • Next Gen ESP – EV Management Solution
  • Next Gen – Work Manager Solution
  • Production Optimization/Digital Twin

Watch our breakout sessions recordings

Using AI to power a circular economy for aerospace

In this session, learn about the Lifecycle Optimization for Aerospace platform, which was developed by Capgemini and built on the AWS Cloud. Artificial intelligence and machine learning (natural language processing) services were specifically developed and trained on data models, based on the ASD (Aerospace, Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe) standards. Explore how the platform consolidates historical operation data and provides clarity on the traceability of all the constituent parts of an aircraft. Learn about the AI framework that uses building blocks of generative AI for inspection automation improvements and aircraft parts’ defects identification. This presentation is brought to you by Capgemini, an AWS Partner.


Matthieu Ritter
VP Aerospace & Defense Industry, Capgemini

Claudio Pontili
Principal Cloud Architect, Capgemini

Resilient SAP side-by-side shopfloor integration at Volkswagen

The SAP ERP system is a powerful software for standard processes. But how do you integrate custom processes and other systems that are not supported by default? How can you leverage the power of the cloud to meet challenging integration requirements for mission-critical systems?  This talk shows how to implement custom integrations of SAP with shopfloor systems as SAP side-by-side extensions in AWS. You will learn principles how to “keep the core clean” and how to build interfaces for SAP systems that are highly resilient, cost-efficient and flexible. All best practices will be shown using real project examples at Volkswagen.


Julian Michel
Senior Consultant, XL2 – a Capgemini and Audi Joint Venture

Markus Großmann
Solution Architect Director, XL2 – a Capgemini and Audi Joint Venture

Jan Sandmüller
SAP Program Lead, Volkswagen

Watch our Lightning Talks recordings

Generative AI: Keeping it real

Generative AI is enjoying the ride at the peak of the hype-cycle. While generative AI is widely used in the art and entertainment industry, what are its practical applications in the business landscape? What is practical in generative AI? Are we hallucinating what generative AI can do or confusing it with traditional AI or deep learning? Can we generate data for ML training? Is it good with numbers? What are the risks to consider? Join this lightning talk to explore these questions and more, including how to keep it real in the industrial, business, and IT landscape.


George Jacob,
Transformation Leader, Data & AI, Capgemini Energy & Resources

Sheer Driving Pleasure – Autonomous Driving for BMW’s Neue Klasse

In this session, BMW Group and Capgemini present the joint journey of BMW, Qualcomm, AWS and Capgemini to develop a cloud-based Next gen Autonomous Driving development platform. Major focus of this platform is validation and verification within the data-driven development process with a full DevOps mode. Learn how the Intelligent Industry approach of Capgemini unites Engineering, IT and Business capabilities to succeed in tomorrow’s mobility and creates sustainable solutions that make a significant contribution to CO2 reduction.


Dr. Klaus Dolzer
Vice President, Account Executive Automotive, Capgemini

Jörg Krebs
Cloud Solution Architect, BMW

Live from booth #850

We celebrated the anniversary of the launch of Cloud Realities podcasts by hosting daily broadcasts from our booth. This exciting Podcast attracted over 162,000 weekly subscribers, was downloaded over 500,000 times, and frequently ranked as the number one Podcast on Apple and Castbox. We had insightful discussions, explored the latest industry topics and trends, and looked ahead to 2024 with industry experts from AWS and Capgemini.

In the meantime, check out our AWS podcast episodes:

Episode 40 – CR031: Connected engineering in the automotive industry with James Speer, AWS

Episode 9 – CRLIVE005: Cloud sustainability with Tom Metzeler, AWS

Our podcast schedule

November 28, Tuesday

Creating Impact with AWS GSI Solutions Architecture
11:00 PST

Guest:  Rohan Karmarkar, Director GSI Solutions Architecture, AWS

Leading AWS in EMEA
15:00 PST

Guest: Tanuja Randery, VP Commercial Sales & BD EMEA, AWS

November 29, Wednesday

Industry cloud perspectives – Automotive & Financial Services
11:00 PST

Guest: Keith Mulder, Global Partner Strategy Leader for Automotive & Manufacturing, AWS

Melissa Dougherty,
Director Partner Success for Global Financial Services, AWS

A conversation with Jeff Barr
15:00 PST

Guest: Jeff Barr,
VP, AWS Evangelism

November 30, Thursday

Guardians and future of trusted cloud
11:00 PST

Guest: Max Peterson, AWS VP sovereign cloud, (was VP WW Public Sector before)

Guest: Gary Meshell,
VP of Global GSI cybersecurity program, AWS

Anne Saunders, Global Cybersecurity Director, Capgemini

The Green Revolution in Tech
14:00 PST

Guest: Rahul Sareen, AWS WW Head of Sustainability

Our immersive demos

Smart Kiosk

Smart Kiosk is an interactive Generative AI Avatar designed to enhance the retail experience by ensuring that shopping is easy and less cumbersome. This in turn This strengthens brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and leads to an increase in sales through intelligent recommendations based on
customer choices. Cut through the hype and come and talk to Joanna!

Capgemini Café

Reimagining QSR experience with AI powered Digital human designed to streamline customer interactions and enhance service efficiency. Equipped with natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, this digital human can handle orders, answer queries, and provide personalized recommendations with remarkable speed and accuracy. Its user-friendly interface and lifelike interactions ensure a seamless and engaging experience for customers, making it an invaluable tool for modern quick service restaurants looking to innovate and improve customer satisfaction.

Related solutions

Custom Generative AI for enterprise

Elevate your possible. Prepare to be surprised by the collective power of human intelligence and Custom Generative AI for Enterprise.

Inside story

The winners of the Global Data Science Challenge 2023 share their experiences of the competition, which involved developing an AI-driven model to identify insect sounds.

Client stories

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