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AI in Telecommunications

Telcos are some of the world’s largest data aggregators, with access to a huge number of data sources and a direct connection to millions of consumers.

But how can they turn data and the power of AI and Generative AI into real-world solutions? Into products that customers will come back for? Into AI-driven automation that will make networks and customer operations more sustainable and efficient? How do you build a strategy for tomorrow while making a difference today?

By combining deep digital experience and sector expertise, Capgemini helps Telcos create a more intelligent future. We combine decades of experience across industries, helping companies leverage next-gen AI and data-management systems to unlock the potential of their data and fuel new momentum through AI.

Generative AI in organizations

Harnessing the value of generative AI: Top use cases across industries.

What we do

Your customers are telling you what they want – it’s in the data. Listen to each of them and personalize your relationship.

With customer expectations higher than ever, Telcos need every tool at their disposal to optimize the customer journey. Data Analytics and Generative AI allow you to gain insights into the needs of each of your customers, offer to her the best solutions and communicate with high relevancy —leading to new services, real revenue growth and genuine customer satisfaction.

An unparalleled opportunity for large-scale transformation and top-line growth.

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, Generative AI has emerged as a catalyst for change. The question facing many organizations today is: How can they deliver on the potential of this technology?

At Capgemini, we help Telcos close the gap between promise and practice, enabling organizations to take exploratory Generative AI programs to the next level to drive transformation and growth across five main areas:

Generative experiences: Create personalized, proactive and responsive customer experiences.

Generative operations: Automate and optimize routine, recurring enterprise processes.

Generative software engineering: Improve the efficiency of the whole software development lifecycle

Generative networks: Improve network operations through enhanced documentation, anomaly processing, traffic management and resource allocation.

Generative business: Enable continuous innovation and respond to the dynamic market needs.

Improve operations today while preparing for self-driven networks.

Network operators must improve operations efficiency, while keeping quality of service, and integrating the new generation of services and technologies.

AI enables to monitor quality of service, identify weak spots with anomaly detection, and provide better support and incident resolution with automated root cause analysis.
NetAnticipate is Capgemini’s Network AIOps framework, that helps accelerate your development of Network AI-enabled self-driving networks. With it, you’ll be able to predict potential network anomalies, identify root cause, make autonomous decisions, trigger preventive actions, and self-learn using an autonomous feedback loop for improving the actions it takes over time.

Turn your data into a source of revenue.

The data telcos hold, including anonymized data, contains immense value for themselves and partners. Location data and crowd movements are of interest to retail, tourism, city planners and advertisers, who can then improve the efficiency of their own investments.

With today’s AI capabilities, data is more valuable than ever. Telcos have a spectacular opportunity to commercialize their data – if they have the right technologies and platforms

Move your data assets into modern data stacks on the cloud for better service at lower cost.

You will benefit from the flexibility and extendibility of modern cloud platforms provided by our partners. This leads to better business intelligence and data products, fewer limitations to access and performance, and more self-service options. You will gain easy access to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, expanding the value potential of your data.

Data estate modernization facilitates data sharing, inside your company and with partners and clients, with high security and low redundancy. And this comes with lower costs to transform CAPEX into OPEX, and better link spendings with revenues.

The future of telecom is sustainable.

Data and AI are making it possible to optimize operations and energy uses like never before, yielding continuous, consistent savings. Through the Capgemini Invent sustainability framework, we build telco sustainability into your everyday processes – saving you time and energy while reducing carbon emissions.

Capgemini’s Sustainability Data Hub then enables fully detailed and precise energy consumption and carbon footprint analysis, for regulatory reporting, investor information as well as purchasing and operational optimization.

Client story

Meet our experts

Yannick Martel

Telco Leader
“The telecom industry is experiencing a new Spring, with renewed investments in Network technology and a strong awareness of the power of Data and AI. Both transformations are required and they go together – Data and AI is a strong enabler in providing quality service, higher revenue and lower costs, which are all necessary in new 5G and Fiber networks.”

Camille Juguet

Director, Capgemini Invent
Camille is a Director in Capgemini Invent, based in Oslo, Norway, and the Global GenAI Lead for Telecoms. She has worked with european telcos on large transformation programs, from digital transformations to Post Merger Integrations. She is passionate about helping her clients grow their business, by reinventing the way their customers experience their brand, products & services.

Subhankar Pal

Senior Director and Global Innovation leader for Intelligent Networks program in Capgemini Engineering
Subhankar has 22+ years of experience in telecommunication industry. His interest areas include advanced network automation, optimization and sustainability using cloud native principles and machine learning for 5G and beyond networks. In Capgemini he drives technology product incubation, product strategy and roadmap development, consulting & service offer definition for telecommunication and related markets.