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Connected society

Embedding social responsibility and environmental sustainability  throughout the product lifecycle.

A tremendous shift in customer sentiment has put environmental concerns, sustainability and healthy lifestyle choices front and center for a more conscientious consumer.
Embedding social responsibility and environmental sustainability throughout the product lifecycle, including product development, material/supplier sourcing, inventory management and logistics, will help consumer product companies differentiate themselves in a crowded and hyper-competitive market.

    Accelerate to net zero, from commitment to sustainable results

    We support you in committing to a net zero strategy – and in acting, to design sustainable operations, products, and services.

    Healthier lives

    Pioneering change in the era of the health-conscious consumer.

    Invent for Society

    Invent for Society aims to value how social impact is part of the fabric of what we do every day with our clients.

    Capgemini Invent

      Accelerating business growth at the pace of today’s conscientious consumer.

      Capgemini has been at the forefront of the purpose and sustainability movement, helping our consumer products clients frame sustainability as a catalyst for change and an opportunity to create a competitive advantage.

      Our strategic consulting team and sustainability experts help organizations identify and articulate their purpose, as well as craft actionable, measurable and practical commitments related to issues like fair trade, the circular economy, net zero emissions and waste reduction.

      We take a “customer first” mindset, building trust and intimacy with our clients to realize complex, long-term agenda items related to purpose and sustainability.

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      Jun 12, 2024