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Re-engineering for sustainable operations, manufacturing and supply chain

Drive transparency and resilience while unlocking innovation across your entire value chain.

According to joint research by CDP and Capgemini, Scope 3 emissions represent the overwhelming majority (92%) of emissions disclosed but only 37% are currently being addressed. And it goes beyond just carbon, only 16% of organizations have completed an assessment of their supply chain impact on biodiversity.​

Many companies have starting to shift focus to the sustainability of their supply chains – reacting to consumer pressures and growing legislation. But systemic collaboration across and between value chains is fundamental in order to align and upgrade corporate strategies and industrial policies.

As a leader of the Word Economic Forum’s Net Zero Accelerator, we drive transparency and resilience while unlocking innovation across your entire value chain. We do this through leveraging the appropriate technologies and comprehensive data. This helps address issues around responsible procurement, traceability, biodiversity, resource efficiency, and waste.

Green Core with SAP

Sustainability is a global issue. It’s also a source of competitive advantage and long-term growth.

What we do

Energy command center

Mastering enterprise-wide energy efficiency.

Digital tools enable the monitoring, visualization and management of energy production, distribution and consumption.
They can identify and eliminate loss and waste, using IoT sensor data to feed intelligent, automated, predictive energy management software. 
We enable enterprise-wide energy efficiency by remotely tracking energy usage, carbon emissions, and equipment efficiency, optimizing energy consumption, and leveraging technology, to lead to a greener, leaner future.

Address sustainability challenges using existing ERP data.

Our Green Core with SAP Solutions unlock sustainability data already tracked in your SAP S/4HANA® system. This means you can monitor, compare, and manage environmental data, social statistics, and other ESG KPIs across your value chain.

Simple and cost-effective, we use your existing ERP data and SAP services to reduce waste, enable sustainable procurement decisions, and make carbon emissions transparent across production, raw materials, energy, and transport.

End-to-end, customer-centric supply chain transformation.

We transform and optimize your operations by re-engineering facilities and processes, leveraging the latest in data, IOT, AI/machine learning, and automation, incorporating new energy sources and better materials, and providing transparency through the supplier ecosystem. ​

Adapting to shifts in buying patterns and sales models, our services support initiatives across demand/supply planning, inventory management, logistics, real-time track & trace, service/spare parts, and retail merchandizing.

Empowering for efficiency with ESG data.

We empower insurers by incorporating ESG data into underwriting and continuous risk monitoring, thus enabling more accurate risk evaluation and more efficient risk management.

Next-generation AMI solutions – the foundation for energy transition efforts.

Preparing for the future with Next-Gen AMI  means a future resilient, integrated system of smart meters, communication services, modern applications, and data management technologies.

We scale up data-driven smart grids, support utilities through E2E expertise of AMI solutions, and improve network stability, resilience, and ability to host high share of renewables.

A holistic approach, ensuring sustainable business growth.

We transform value chains by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to optimize the environmental impact of brownfield operations. We design and scale low-carbon and circular products and services through automated Life Cycle Assessments, innovative engineering approaches and sustainable materials integration.

We also drive the acceleration of discrete industries’ greenfield circular programs and invent cross-industry collaborative models to address supply chain Scope 3 emissions in a systematic way.

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