Deliver a frictionless people experience through implementing next-generation HR operations

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Enhance the value of your HR function through delivering an intelligent and frictionless people experience

Capgemini’s Intelligent People Operations solution puts your individual employee at the center of your HR value proposition. By moving away from a process-centric approach to one that deploys digital platforms, we help you deliver an intelligent, frictionless experience for your people, while transforming the way you address your talent and workforce challenges.

Our solution puts your individual employee at the heart of the solution, across your talent acquisition, HR administration, payroll, and HR analytics functions to deliver strong and sustainable value to your business, including:

  • Intelligent People Operations IPO HR 2An intelligent and frictionless, “consumer grade” people experience
  • 35–40% increase in productivity
  • Over 95% first contact resolution and 30% less queries
  • Enhanced optimization of resources and human capital
  • Increased flexibility to scale operations via robust program management
  • Increased adoption of digital skills
  • Data-driven decision-making that leverages predictive analytics and insights
  • Reduced risk in delivery via robust operations.

In turn, this helps you to transition to – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.

The Frictionless Enterprise-blockchain for the supply chain

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