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City Spotlight on the Silicon Valley of India – Bengaluru     

Bengaluru is an important location for Capgemini in India. With more than 60,000 team members working out of seven offices in the city, the location serves as a hub for all major business functions.  

Short snippets of our Bengaluru facilities:

Energy Command Center:  

To support our ambitious Group Sustainability goals, the Energy Command Centre was recently inaugurating at EPIP campus, Bengaluru. The ECC will help Capgemini to monitor its energy utilizing assets across its campuses and is scalable both operationally as well as geographically. 

Energy command center is a facility which will positively impact our operations, resources, management, and energy consumption across in India. The command center truly showcase how digitization can help in reducing our emissions. It works on various applications integrated for various building operations covering all equipment, assets performance management and energy monitoring.  

Divyasree Tech Park Facility (DTP):      

The Chief Minister of Karnataka Honourable Shri Siddaramaiah inaugurated DTP in 2014. We are housed in four buildings here and more than 5,000 team members work out of this office. 

Bengaluru Office

EPIP Campus     

With its lush green surroundings and beautiful landscaped gardens, EPIP is certainly a vibrant campus. Recently awarded the ‘Best Ornamental Garden Award’ by The Mysore Horticultural Society, this campus serves as an example of the importance Capgemini lends to a healthy working environment. In addition, an Energy Command Centre has been implemented in Bengaluru which enables the monitoring of all the critical rooms centrally from Bengaluru. It also comprises an open picturesque view of the extensive lawns, a waterbody, an open-air amphitheater and extensive indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. 

RMZ Ecoworld (5B) & RMZ Ecospace (6B):      

The RMZ campus is home to two Capgemini offices, located within close proximity to each other. Approximately 3,000 team members work out of these offices.   

Bengaluru Office

CG ER&D Campus:   

Located on the Outer Ring Road between Marathahalli and Sarjapur in Bangalore, this office is an example of the modern IT work environment.  Of the 6.5 acres of land that it sits on, around 4.5 acres comprises an open picturesque landscape of extensive lawns dotted with coconut trees and other flora, a water body, open air amphitheater and extensive indoor & outdoor recreational facilities, including a small soccer/cricket field. 

CG ER&D Valdel: 

Valdel Business Park is in the Prestige Tech Park (PTP) complex close to Outer Ring Road (ORR) and ER&D occupies the Vector Block facility with a capacity of 2200 seats. 

CG ER&D Karle Premium: 

Located in CBD (Central Business District) of Bengaluru. Karle Premium facility houses 200 employees. 

CG ER&D Global Edge: 

Facility is located in asoftware technology park in Bangalore, which is spread over 120 acres. The park is situated in Rajarajeshwari Nagar off Mysore Road, the facility houses around 800 employees. Engineers work on Design, Development, Testing and other Embedded Software Services, Automotive, Industrial Automation, and Consumer Electronics. 

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