Humans, organizations and nowadays ‘things’ find their meaning and value in being connected to others. With all becoming intimately networked – through superior, simpler and ever more ubiquitous technology and an abundance of social platforms – it’s key to tap into the phenomenal power of collaborative Technology Business, even with connections and entire ecosystems seemingly changing overnight.

Being able to navigate any business ecosystem, with its characteristics, dynamics, key players, standards, preferences and unwritten rules, is a prerequisite for social mastery. It gives access to possibly otherwise scarce resources, unexplored markets and channels, plus agile, possibly assetfree business models. It also taps into a crowd IQ that goes way beyond what even the brightest enterprise could develop on its own.

It also requires particularly flexible technology options, as connections may come and go in an instant. The IT platform needs to provide services to leverage a new breed of connections at top speed. Blockchain is an example of a technology framework that substantiates the notion of smart, collaborative contracts; these are distributed, open, transparent, and rock-solid safe.

The latter capability cannot be emphasized enough; being successfully connected depends on mutual trust. And trust is based on an equally divided mix of clarity about what’s to be expected at both sides, and the measures that have been taken – both in terms of technology and governance – to ensure the right outcome.

5G is another example of a technology that will change the way we collaborate. This new and amazing network bandwidth will provide a further boost to a truly virtual and augmented reality, possibly even augmented with holograms sooner than later. But the very low latency, plus the ability to connect more devices concurrently will also enable us to connect to billions of sensors and interact with the entire planet. Being connected everywhere, with less need of travelling, decreasing our carbon footprint: it’s a whole new collaboration experience.

Finally, established business rules tend to change the moment AI really kicks in. It’s no different in the area of Technology Business collaboration, where even the most subtle ripples in ecosystems can be anticipated and leveraged at the earliest stages – enabling potentially “handsfree”, networked business
models that were previously unthinkable. And what can we expect when AI systems start to work with humans – and even with each other – to unleash spectacular, yet unexplored waves of creativity?

You, Me, Us, We, It, AI, our Planet. All together now.

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