Sustainability Evolution

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Disruption presents an opportunity to rethink your strategy. There is no better time to start a sustainable transformation of your business model.

Turning disruption into business opportunity

Disruption can power sustainability transformation. It forces change across multiple business functions, leading to roles, processes and activities being redefined. This is the moment to seize the sustainable business transformation initiative.

In times of business-as-usual, short-term growth ambitions can restrict the ability of businesses to focus on sustainability transformation programs. But when core business models are being disrupted by external factors, there is a window of opportunity to seed sustainability into these models as they are reinvented for the future.

Disruption comes in many guises. It might be an economic crisis, a change in top management, M&A activity, or a new regulatory regime. Our new report Sustainability Evolution illustrates how leading businesses have seized such moments to change strategic direction and embed sustainability as a business imperative. This is good for the planet and can make a positive impact on society.

That’s not all. These leaders demonstrate tangible business benefits from their decision to forge ahead with sustainable transformation wrought by disruption.

Sustainability Evolution...

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