Our mission is to recruit, retain and develop female management and leadership which in turn is proven to improve company profitability, creativity and decision making.


Women@Capgemini aims to engage and empower the women, men and gender diverse people of Capgemini Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to recruit, retain and develop female management and leadership which in turn is proven to improve company profitability, creativity and decision making.

An introduction to Women@Capgemini

Adopted in 2012, Women@Capgemini is a global program setting the overarching guidelines around gender balance across the Group. Women@Capgemini encapsulates all initiatives across our business units around the world, allowing us to share best practices. Based on the fundamental principle of “equal opportunities, equal chances”, Women@Capgemini leverages all talents in the organisation to deliver innovative results to stakeholders including our team members, clients, partners and shareholders. One of the main goals is to globally change corporate mentalities through strong commitments and role modelling from Group leaders.

Why is Women@Capgemini important?

Women@Capgemini forms an integral part of Capgemini’s business development and commitment to gender equity. Equal distribution of talent amongst all genders have been proven to accelerate business and benefit from shared diversity of ideas or innovation. Working across numerous service capabilities and geographies collaboratively assists in the invaluable perspective needed to deliver value to our clients, our business and our communities. At Capgemini the greatest resource we have is our people and ensuring we are representative of the entirety of society helps to promote an inclusive and balanced environment where all team members feel supported and welcomed. With an active commitment to gender equality we aim to attract new talent, keep our existing staff and strengthen their relationship with the organisation.

Four Pillars for Women@Capgemini

4 Pillars – Equal opportunities, equal chances:


It is important we retain valuable women employees by guaranteeing maternity leave and promotion possibilities (in particular, the Group now ensures women candidates for VP promotion and other level promotions are identified locally). No freeze of career path and of compensation raise, and when applicable, no refusal for promotion on grade when women are pregnant or on maternity leave.


When recruiting, we need to stress the importance of a more gender diverse environment and ensure that women candidates are sourced. The Group has directed all internal and external recruiters to source candidates of both genders for each profile to increase the percentage of females. Ensure candidates are interviewed by at least one woman from the business and communicate on role models for women.


The global mentoring program is also undoubtedly a very valuable and effective resource in helping women develop at Capgemini and better plan their career paths. The mentoring program encourages the promotion of women to leadership roles through training and coaching. Ensure female candidates for Vice President promotion are identified locally and ensure at least one person from each gender are in promotion panels.


Finally, to change corporate mentality, the program ensures strong commitment and role model from Group leaders, issued a diversity and inclusion charter, and has launched diverse trainings, allowing for more equal chances and opportunities.

Our 2022 Plan for Women@Capgemini Australia and New Zealand

In 2022, we co-created goals that aligned to our four pillars

  • Improve work-life balance at Capgemini
  • Increase male and other gender participation in Women@Capgemini
  • Challenge biases that hold women and other minorities back
  • Communicate strategically
  • Empower junior women to achieve in their careers at Capgemini
  • Increase Women@Capgemini engagement with clients and the broader community
  • Build a safe, inclusive, supportive and successful culture for all female team members

2021 has brought with it some of the most challenging times. We had to modify our approach and look at things from a different angle to reach our goals accordingly. Here are some of the ideas implemented to foster better connection with the community:

  • Collaborate with students and host university events
  • Monthly Newsletters highlighting female role model of the month
  • 2 Virtual Lunchroom Meetings a week
  • Host remote panel events
  • Showcase the journey of existing female leaders to junior women
  • Launch Women@Capgemini Podcast
  • Develop communication team and streamline our communication
  • Sending targeted invitations, i.e. an event for male and other gender champions
  • Identify the barriers to participate in Women@Capgemini events & initiatives
  • Structured discussion sessions
  • Host W@C Month


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