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Rugby World Cup 2023

Together we’re transforming rugby.

Rugby World Cup France 2023 will run over two months, in ten host cities, as 20 teams battle it out across 48 matches to be crowned World Champions. And as World Rugby’s Digital Transformation Partner, Capgemini is playing an active role in the delivery of the tournament, supporting the organization to integrate all technology with its partners and suppliers.

In sport and business, the individual/player is responsible for performing at the highest level. The best players, teams, and organizations seek those 1%ers, and many turn to technology for those gains. At Capgemini we know how to embrace the power of technology, and in return, provide that competitive edge.

“At Capgemini we use our sports sponsorships to unite, to innovate and to transform.”

Virginie Régis – Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Capgemini

Harnessing the power of technology

Rugby World Cup 2003 winner and global ambassador for Capgemini, Jonny Wilkinson, experienced ​first-hand how technology can transform a sport. ​From changes in kit, to in-depth data analysis, technology has empowered players and coaches to create the modern game of today. ​

As Worldwide Partner of Rugby World Cup France 2023, Capgemini is providing expert knowledge to harness this technology and drive positive change within the game. ​

Together, we’re helping to shape the future of rugby.​

Integrating technology for Rugby World Cup France 2023

Capgemini is playing a central role at Rugby World Cup France 2023, innovating across multiple areas to support and deliver the best possible experience for players, coaches, volunteers, partners, suppliers, and fans.

Complex systems will be integrated across 60 sites, all requiring bespoke planning, coordination, testing and step-by-step implementation. This will allow the 10,000 organizational staff, 6,000 volunteers and global broadcasters and media to deliver their outputs and ensure the seamless delivery of the tournament both on the ground in France, and to the millions of fans around the world.

Players and coaches will also require the delivery of this reliable and robust technical ecosystem to enable the appropriate use of their analytical tools and ensure they are performing at their very best throughout the tournament.

Put simply, Rugby World Cup France 2023 needs technology – and Capgemini is there to support. 

A whole new ball game: why sports tech is a game changer

Technology now plays a vital part in many aspects of sports – enhancing the viewing experience, encouraging fan engagement, assisting teams and players to increase performance, and more. And as technology itself advances, so does its potential for enriching the sports experience. In our newest Capgemini Research Institute report, A whole new ball game: Why sports tech is a game-changer, we explore the topic of technology in sports in depth, with a look towards the future.

Enriching the experience through innovation

Capgemini data scientists will provide new in-game insights and data for the Rugby World Cup 2023 global broadcast feed.

As our research led us to the conclusion that the sport experience goes far beyond the pitch, our team developed a new game to keep fans entertained between the live games. Gamers will have to score as many penalties as possible in a given time.

Whether it is the development of new statistics for match analysis or video game design, our initiatives always showcase the talents of Capgemini colleagues.

Beyond the tournament

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