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intelligent industry

We have entered the next era of digital transformation. This is characterized by a growing convergence of product, software, data, and services across all industries. At Capgemini we call this “Intelligent Industry”.

The rapid development of technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing and 5G has brought physical and virtual worlds closer together. Their convergence is the next phase of transformation that spans all aspects of customer interaction, business processes, R&D, engineering, manufacturing and supply chains.

Intelligent Industry is the next dimension of digital transformation, which also includes Industry 4.0, but goes far beyond it. Disruptive technologies and data enable use cases that were previously unthinkable: from multiphysical simulations, remote control and digitization of products and processes to autonomous vehicles, networked products, completely new customer experiences and innovative as-a-service models.

Together with our customers we identify opportunities for new business models, address industrial challenges and navigate complex ecosystems so that they become and remain more competitive.

The future of industry is intelligent – and it is already here.

    Digital Continuity

    The promise of continuous digital continuity throughout the entire product life cycle can be fulfilled.

    The 5G & Edge Revolution

    5G and edge computing will have a radical impact on the industry, changing processes and driving innovation in unexpected ways.

    Capgemini Engineering

      “Intelligent Industry is about fostering synergies between the digital and engineering worlds to help companies build intelligent products, operations, and services, at scale.”

      Roshan Gya, EVP I Global Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini