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The Smart Digital Store for Grocery

Grocery stores are undergoing a fundamental transition as digital and mobile reshape how consumers shop. Technology permeates every facet of the grocery experience today. There is a demand for a mobile – first convergence of consumer experience, including a seamless process that flows from digital to physical – called “phygital.” In the United States alone, 40 percent of growth for grocers was driven by their online grocery sales in 2020.

  • Despite the turbulent times retailers have recently experienced, grocery stores are still a place where the full attention of a consumer can be captured. In this, the store is taking on many roles and formats driven by customer preferences. Seamless digital and physical journeys: A comprehensive, omnichannel solution eliminates friction along the path to purchase.
  • Smart stores: Revolutionize the brick-and-mortar part of the retail business
  • Prioritizing key experiential levers:  A comprehensive engagement and data strategy using existing hubs
  • One brand, many formats: A modular and portfolio-based approach to store design tailored to the local consumer
  • Buy here, pick-up anywhere: An end-to-end fulfillment model that includes last-mile delivery, seamless curbside pick-up, micro-fulfillment centers, dark stores, and hub-and-spoke hybrid approaches that provide multiple options for the customer and optimize costs.

Enter the Smart Digital Store. Capgemini’s Smart Digital Store merges the benefits of online and physical stores to create a unique proposition for customers and employees. It provides a framework and functional map across customers, employees, products, and physical stores. End-to-end business capabilities allow grocers to rely on a set of core enablers, processes, end points, and capabilities to rapidly achieve their desired level of digital maturity, in lock step with their particular needs. Our portfolio of solutions powers the phygital store, improving the shopping experience and customer service to drive traffic and conversions, increase basket size, and foster loyalty while optimizing operations and enabling employees.

Smart Digital Store solution offerings

Why Capgemini?

  • The Smart Digital Store allows retailers to quickly ramp up, regardless of where they currently are in their digital-transformation journey. We support and guide grocers every step of the way – from vision and strategy definition to road-mapping, technical and organizational actualization, ongoing support, and continuous adaptability for an ever-changing environment.
  • The standard architecture allows for data exchanges with existing IT systems and infrastructure, so a complete overhaul is not necessary to start reaping benefits right away.
  • Capgemini works closely with partner Intel in developing the Smart Digital Store framework, ensuring that the underlying architecture is sound, and core elements like security and privacy are present at all levels.
  • Capgemini has a dedicated global Consumer Products & Retail practice, with more than 30 retail labs, that supports grocers through their store and digital transformation, drawing on the expertise of over 25,000 industry resources delivering for top global retailers in 120 countries and 40 languages across 135,000 stores.