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Staffing Direct: solutions for staffing and professional-services companies

Innovative solutions to build a more resilient staffing enterprise

More than a third of US workers are involved in the gig economy, and it is anticipated that more than 50% will participate in it by 2027. Freelancing, working multiple part-time positions, and independent contracting are becoming more popular. The gig economy is growing. You need to think differently to compete.

It is time to embrace change. Talent shortages, margin pressures, economic uncertainties, and new digitally enabled competitors are all impacting the market. But 67% of staffing professionals say automation will help to promote, not eliminate, top talent. For companies to succeed in this disruptive environment they must work to transform.

The right approach

Capgemini’s end-to-end approach leverages Oracle Cloud and provides preconfigured solutions to accelerate benefits while making deployment simple. It delivers project-centric business practices to streamline execution and improve performance measurement. The best-of-breed SaaS applications in Oracle Cloud are integrated with social, mobile, and analytic capabilities to help deliver the experience staffing and professional-services companies expect.

Rapid SaaS deployment optimizes business processes and supporting analytics to achieve rapid return on investment, so your company can transform quickly and affordably with predictable returns.

Staffing and professional-services companies can gain competitive advantage with Staffing Direct by:

  • Complying with local statutory and intercompany reporting requirements
  • Leveraging flexible revenue and billing methods to create a process that works for you
  • Gaining real-time information with project- and resource-centric reporting to improve timely decision making
  • Using project- and resource-centric workflows to manage overtime, expense reports, and invoices.

The workforce is changing, and modern workers expect a modern experience when interacting on the job. That means providers need to be mobile and social and to explore new digital technologies such as machine learning and analytics to find growth opportunities.

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