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Market leaders activate their data to compete and become truly data-driven

Mark Kirby, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer and Perform AI Leader at Capgemini, is a leading thinker in the world of artificial intelligence and its ability to disrupt every industry. Kirby works with clients to connect with their data and then use it to power transformation. Data is at the core of AI and other digital technologies, but a main stumbling block continues to be previous investments that returned too little value.

Becoming a data-driven organization

AI promises to be the biggest technological shift ever experienced. Big corporations are used to installing large systems and maintaining them. But this will not work in the future and many established industries are facing new threats. It is time to shift your IT thinking.

Combining technology and data

IT needs to be more connected into the value proposition of the company and how these professionals can positively impact customers and the business. The power of software is really what is transforming companies today. The company you are today is not going to be the same in the future. But you rely on your current business to launch the one you need tomorrow.

Building your next business

Connect with Mark Kirby.

Learn more about Capgemini’s complete portfolio of AI services and how we can help you transform your business for the future. It is time to reimagine your business.

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